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Air Around The Clock has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 97 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 9th position out of 200 companies.


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They over charge the warranty.

every time they are called they evacuate and recharge the system and add more oil every time so the unit has more oil than refrigerant to save them money yet warranty will pay for that, My compressor went out and they replaced it at he time there was oil in the yard in a ten foot radius of the unit , the Teck said i have never seen so much oil. They replaced it and eight months later the compressor failed again breaking both copper tubes and oil everywhere again . I hear them talking crap thru the windows and when you confront them they shut up and talk down to you like you dont know anyting . I have moved on to Four star air, I will never call air around the clock or there parteners , All year cooling!



Hi, I have the displeasure of being a customer of this company for more than 20 years, I am already on the second unit in 17 years, and the second unit they did not give me 10 years of warranty, which is normal, in addition to the price of the units, they have cost me more than $3k in repairs, and today I had another visit, because my air did not cool, in the visit the technician said, that my compressor was hot, and that I would probably have to change the unit, but he said if I wait about 4 or 5 hours, for it to cool down, it could work, but during this visit, he removed some connections, and put them back in place, and after removing the fan, to have access, the compressor disconnected one of the connections of the compressor, more than chamer the technician I saw in the gas inlet pipe, I have a window that I can see if the gas is circulating or not, and it was circulating, returning to the copressor and the technician, who said that the compressor was blocked, as if it circulated the gas, and he told me to change the device, all for a cost the $5,600, now I went to the device, and I looked and found that a connection was out of the compressor, and that a layman would not see it and would not be able to reconnect, where I see the most lack of HONESTY of this company, I advise everyone not to use this company that is dishonest with customers


Need to talk to someone

I gave been without AC for 9 days...was told it would be fixed today...tomorrow wi be day 10...didn't get fixed. This company is an absolute disgrace to the business world, to simply not care about their customers and lie to them and continue to lie to them is just wrong. .Mike Lang if these are the kind of people you employ to represent your name than you are no better! This company should be shut down!!!


Billed charges with no itemization.

My 3 year old, $9,000 air conditioner motor was replaced today, under warranty. But it seems that the parts and labor (1/2 hour of work) was $795.00. My warranty covers parts, only, but tell me how ordering and shipping a new motor, and installing it, can cost $795.00. I don't get it. Air Around The Clock states, "We don't itemize bills." I guess not.



I had purchased 4 Air condition maintenance check up. I had used two of them already and had two remaining. Paid close to $400 for the four visits. Im in the process of moving and only used two of the four. Then youre around the clock refuse to Refund me the two check up said I didnt use. They said that the two would cost $180 instead of dividing it all the way to the four that I purchased. Im on a very low income and I could use that money. I will never recommend or ever use air around the clock again as long as I live


Refused refund on maintenance check

I had purchased 4 maintenance check up on my air conditioning costing close to $400. Ive used two of the four visits for them to maintain my air conditioning.. now that Im downsizing and moving I called to see if they would reimburse me to the visit and they refuse. Theyre now claiming that each visit was $180 each for the two visits so they refused to pay me for the two visits that they did not come out to check my unit very bad policy I will never use air around the clock again even if its the last company in Florida


Rip off

Price was escalated. Beware. The motor is $129. He spent an hour putting the motor. The quote was $700. When I questioned Lynn - she said u have to pay the quote. Wow Not let me see how Can we make it fair. Lenny (RIP) is probably the culture he created. Mike the GENERAL manager is just as ethical


Unprofessional, awful customer service

I had Air Around the Clock install my AC a few years back. I called them because my AC unit is not working. The technician took 2 minutes to look at my AC without checking it and recommended a fan motor replacement. When asked when the part would come in he could not say, called customer service who could not say. Spoke to manager who thought my questions were funny. Completely unprofessional. Total cost for 2 minute review $95 plus $599 for a part that they did not know when would come in.


Over charged

Saturday when I called I was quoted from the girl answering the phone and taking my info $95 for my plumbing issue I said ok, then when the tech came out he charged me $125 I said, but I was quoted $95 he said yeah well... he didn't even do anything but look at the issue. Will never use or recommend this company ever again. What a rip off...



I have been a loyal Air Around The Clock customer for over 10 years...They have responded to my request for speedy service and have never let me down...Today, one of their master technicians Anil and his helper installed a new AC and could not be more thrilled with the results, pricing and service! It is sooooo cold now inside my condo burr!!



They installed a $5000 Rheem 3 ton air conditioner in Aug. 2017. A couple of days later it stopped working because the pan filled up with water. They came and put in a new drain line. In June 2019 it stopped working again because the pan filled up with water. They came and flushed out the drain that had they put in, cost $100. In July 2019 it stopped working again because the pan filled up with water. They put in a condenser fan motor, cost $300. In August 2020 it stopped working again, because the pan filled up with water and was not draining. They came out and said it needed a new air handler motor, cost $500. A week later the pan once again filled up with water and it stopped working. They came out and flushed the line. Since it has had draining problems since they put in the new drain line in 2017, and this is the constant problem, I think they did a poor job of it. I also question whether the $500 air handler motor was necessary, since they came out because of the water in the pan and determined the need was a new motor, but a week later the same thing happened with pan filling up and the air conditioner stopped working.


They added the fpl rebate of 150.00 to the bill then took it back off

Got a price of 4400. For new a/c and handler 4 days later after install was told of a 150.00 FPL rebate, i thought good. Then they added 150.00 to the total then took it back off as a rebate. Shameful they think were stupid. Never again.



Installed a new unit. In 12 months 3 leaks with thousands of dollars in home damage. Turns out A.O.C. screwed up at install of new a.c. unit. After 3rd leak turns out their tech found the problem and told us and put in writing A.O.C. screwed up. Can't say more due to Broward County Small Claims court filings (case #20-1****) against A.O.C. Coming up. In ending we will say Susan Rubo will be subpoenaed to court. She is a NASTY WITCH. She should learn some manners.


Do not use them

Bought new ac unit and since then have replaced everything except the compressor multiple times. Now they want to charge me over 400 dollars to replace the compressor fan motor for the third time.


Air around the ***

I Do NOT recommend AT ALL. Horribly unprofessional from the rude women who answer the phone to the techs that drag u along w another company...this company is the worst!


Inflated labor charges.

I have a system installed 3 1/2 years ag by atc with a 10 year guarantee on all parts excluding labor as written in the contract. The compressor fan went out and they installed ordered and installed a new factory fan. The total time at my home was 1 1/2 hours. Allowing fir drive time I figued 2 1/2 hours. They charged me a flat rate of 375.00. I asked what that time was comprised of and they said to install the fan. They did not provide an itemized bill and when I asked the tech the hourly rate he said 175.00. I paid them and checked online for ac hourly ratds in my zip and it stated 75.00 to 110.00 per hour. Absolute rip off.

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