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Agero has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 298 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 16th position out of 1094 companies.


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400 River’s Edge Drive, Medford, Massachusetts, 02155, United States

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Payment for services

no response yet.impossible to talk to a person to resolve anything need. hard to work for a company that we cant communicate with


Bill of tow

Agero's customer service is horible!!! Never answered the phone after 2 hours on hold. I will surely tell anybody to not use them.


They LOST our 32 foot RV !!!

How does this even happen?? Interstate I-24 exit 143, Tennessee, picked up and lost in the great abyss of how the fu@k does this even happen?? You can make this *** up people! Do NOT recommend!


I can’t get the help

The sand me to do job for them the customer never respond and the app number respond 2 in the morning on Sunday


Need help with app I put in it's been over month

This is becoming super trash Im just trying to put an app in to work with you guys I spent over $2000 on just insurance alone and then you guys stop replying to me like wow


Need a receipt for previous tow

Been needing a receipt to get refunded back some $$$ from my insurance but agero is unreachable!!!++


Tower name William

No complaints except I need my receipt so I can be reimbursed for towing charges . My insurance will not reimburse unless vin # year and model of our car is the receipt. Please send me receipt with this informations. Thank you.


Left on road 11 hours show roadside service....recruiting for class action against Agero and auto insurers that charge us for this ..NON SERVICE

Horrific...hit deer...11 hours alone huthey never showed...BLAME YOUR AUTO INSURANCE...THEY CONTRACT WITH THESE FOOLS sband away of fishing trip Alaska...all night in car with dead dear antlers on front bumper destroyedclass action call me 412298**** Interested in class action against this company and auto insurers that are aware and continue to sell this NON SERVICE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS...CALL ME AT 412298**** CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS INTERESTED IN 3 STATES


Resolved: Shoddy research for my refund request

Updated by user Aug 08, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user Aug 08, 2023
For some reason (this review? a comment sent thru their website?

Both?), Agero changed their mind with Citibank and reimbursed the $95 charge with no explanation. They have not contacted me at all.

Original review Jul 09, 2023
I called for service through Progressive Insurance, their contractor, Agero dispatcher called back quickly, discussed situation, then spoke with the guy who would be dispatched. In the call with the guy who could do the work, we determined it was not fixable with their service. Agero kept texting to see if work was completed, and I kept responding "Cancelled" to no avail. Sure enough, I was charged $95 anyway. Disputed charge with Citibank, was eventually denied; Agero responded that they had proof that I'd been served. I called them directly to dispute, and after 24 hrs, they said I'd have to take it up with Citibank. Knowing that's a dead-end street, I found in the fine print of the charge "SCR Towing." Figuring it is their subcontractor, I looked up the number and called. Mike was very kind & open, looked into the event and found that no photograph of completed service had been submitted, and he refunded $95 by mail within 3 days. Yea, to SCR Towing. Agero couldn't be bothered to check with their subcontractor on my behalf. They show no interest in the consumer or the quality of submissions from their subs. Clearly a mistake by the tow-truck/repair driver, that is forgivable. But Agero, Progressive, and Citibank just stone-walled me; there was a time one call to Progressive would have been all I had to do -- they'd have believed me and advocated for me down the line. Instead, I had to go through the entire pecking order myself - very time-consuming for their "zero-service."



Unable to secure tow. Trash. I made one call and got tow. No reason to pay for this service. I should be refunded the monthly fee.


Need recipes

I received everything I needed and that I am very pleased Thank you for the quick turnaround I was not pleased I had to wait for the tow truck to come get my car until almost 3 hours after I called as it was around 1:30 in the morning in the middle of nowhere Tow truck driver was very nice though and got me to where I wanted the car towed to safely


Roadside Assistance

When you call for roadside assistance you cannot speak with a persons the automated menu will only provide 2 options one for a link and the other will hang up on you. This is enough to change my auto insurance because 3 times I was unable to get the assistance I needed


No telephone number to reach a live dispatcher and 45 minutes waiting time with the supposed live chat , lousy response time !!!

Agero has no live contact telephone number for customers or service providers !!! They recently removed the live telephone number service !!! Lousy real time service !!! They are not available to service providers on a live job and most chat waiting times are around 45 minutes response time !!!


Receipt of service

I have called now trying to get someone to call me back on March 31st at 10238 Berkshire Road Minneapolis Minnesota my 2014 Kia was towed by your company or someone working for your company to the Kia dealership in Bloomington off American Boulevard I asked for a receipt was told the receipt would be sent to my insurance company of course I told him you didn't have any information but they said it would be taken care of it hasn't the toll was for$159.49. Credit card ending.. 4937 your company name.. Please CALL ME 612-990-****.. Patricia A Erbes


They won't even answer the telephone.

What'd to cancel. They won't even answer the telephone. How do I suppose to get help if they don't answer the telephone.


Vehicle never taken to collision center. Had to file a police report that the vehicle was stolen

I have USAA. I contacted them regarding an accident. The vehicle was not drivable. (USAA uses agero to dispatch a specific tow company) I then received a text stating that the vehicle was to be picked up by Lawrence tow. Long story short, the vehicle was supposed to be driven from the crash site to the collision repair center and it was not. It was instead taken to storage until I had to report it stolen and the police had to contact them to force delivery. (After the tow driver called me trying to get me to pay directly for storage fees and the first tow) When delivered after the police made them, it was covered in bird *** after being stored AKA missing for 24 hours. Would not recommend

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