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Afrin has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 148 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 15th position out of 351 companies.


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Cap is horrible!!!!!

I cannot open the cap on the nasal spray I will try to return it tomorrow. I dont have children and dont need a childproof cap. I also have no use for a product that I and my husband cannot open!!!


Nasal product cap broke off when I tried to open it

First time user of this particular nasel spray. I failed to read the opening instructions onTHE BOX before I disposed of it. Imagine thinking one shouldnt have to find their glasses and read the operating instructions on THE BOX before using this very common product. It is the most complicated nasel spray Ive ever seen and when I went to use it in the middle of the night I failed to turn on the lights, find my glasses, read the instructions on the box I had carelessly thrown away and I broke the top ifff, never having a chance to get a single spray out of it! Manufacturer is oercistant that this is my fault since I throw the box out with the vert important opening instructions on it. Ten minutes of agieing this and they are sending me an email, to which I am to send photos of the broken spray bottle before theyll either commit to a replace sent or refund. Had I anticipated how complicated this was to operate I surely would have kept me receipt and gotten my refund, no questions asked from my drug store! Its still money out of their pocket for a fdefective product. Im


Can’t open it

Good lord who designed this cap ! I cant open it ! I went to the Internet to see how to open it and so many other people using pliers etc! I still cant open it ! Its no good if you cant open it ! Redesign the cap !!!


Cannot get the cap off

My husband and I have tried and tried but we cant get the cap off. Gentle pressure, hard pressure, multiple YouTube videos- nothing! Ridiculous! We can put a man on the moon but you cant design a cap that adults can open. Whats even more ridiculous is that people have been complaining about this for years and yet you havent changed the bottle. I will definitely be buying other brands! You suck! Love, Karen


The bottle

I cant get the bottle open. I love the product, as I have used it in the past, but now that theyve made the bottle close to impossible to open, its time to find a different product.



I bought 3 different kinds of afrin praying one of them would have a pump. Now it's a *** squeeze bottle.


Bottle still sucks

Its 2021, my mom and I are out of town in a hotel with nothing close by or open.. bottle top wont come off .. you need to fix this problem!


Product packaging failure.

I purchased Afrin original nasal spray and I have used it before with good results. The twist off cap is totally ridiculous! I tried to twist off the cap and could not and finally cut off the damn tip!!! Please replace the product and change the top of this spray. I am a senior citizen but not dead!


Idiot design. Child proof? No PEOPLE PROOF. I will nit by another Afrin product. You have to take a “users Course” to open it. Probably one of the dumbest designs.

Terrible cap design. Frustrating. Waste of time. Are courses available to instruct us in opening the cap?


Afrin Cap design Hard for Seniors To Use

To "protect" us from tampering you have made the bottle very difficult for seniors to open. (Afrin No Drip Severe Congestion) The cap says near the top PRESS then there is a big arrow to the right saying turn. So I was pressing DOWN on the cap while turning to the right. 1 What it should say is SQUEEZE while turning to right not PRESS. 2 Did anyone on your design team think about what it is like to open this with arthritic hands? 3 The wrapper was also very hard to detach without the use of scissors or a knife. 4 Folks----my ENT specialist told me to use Afrin when I have a bad nosebleed because it will stop the bleed and shrink the tissues. Did you even think what it is like to try to open your wrapping and follow your instructions in an emergency? Not pretty. Please evaluate your cap under the rules of universal design so everyone can open your product.


Don't buy until they change the cap

Cannot open the cap, even after watching 3 youtube videos on how to open it! I guess the ladies in the video who used an axe were onto something.


Very hard to open, will have to return

I have a good grip and can usually deal with these child proof caps, but not with this one. Will be returning it to the pharmacy!! ARGH


Get a better bottle cap

Half of the bottles of Afrin nasal spray in the last two years are impossiblr to open. I have had to use plyers to pull off cap and use one of the previous caps that still work. It is insane to have a safety top that can not be opened at all. There has to be a simple solution to this problem.


Write the company for better cap

Your new government standard child proof cap is as hard as a bank safe to crack open. Please change!!!!!!


Can't get the lid off!!!

Updated by user Nov 04, 2019
Please resolve this

Original review Nov 04, 2019
6 family members have tried getting this cap off.. It will not come off!!! I am a nurse and can't believe after reading the same reviews over this issue and the problem hasn't been addressed. No excuse.


Can’t *** open the bottle CAP

Today October 24th 2019, I had nasal surgery 2 days ago & my doctor prescribed this Afrin nasal spray to use to help reduce bleeding but I am actually bleeding more trying to open this cap & my brother who is an adult also couldn’t open it so how about the company finds a solution to fix this small problem & also to make it so that it has better mist spray like other brands like Flonase & nasacort. It’s pretty sad that one can’t use a product prescribed by their doctor while in need. I would be embarrassed as the company CEO to not make any changes per customer’s request.

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