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Affordable Iron Doors has a 0-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 6 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 50th position out of 170 companies.


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Affordable Iron Doors Reviews


Affordable Iron Doors/ G. Duncan is a Fraud

Gary Duncan, owner of Affordable Iron Doors, is a thief and should be locked up behind actual IRON bars! After waiting months for his iron door, he demanded payment of the balance otherwise he wouldn't "release" my iron door that was supposedly stuck in customs. He scammed me out of my money. Four months later, no money, no door, disconnected business phone, no return correspondence! Like all crooks, Gary Duncan, will most likely try to find other victims using different alias and different businesses. I hope I can do all that I can to stop this guy permanently! He makes me sick!


Afforable Iron Doors

On July 31st, I placed a $2500 deposit for a door to be delivered within 6-8 weeks, the company has failed to meet this deadline and is now stating that they cannot obtain the purchased door as they no longer dealing with the manufacturer who make the purchased door. I was strung along with many excuse on why they cannot deliver the doors as promised. As a result, I requested to cancel the order and have the deposit returned which was denied. After complaints to BBB and CA Consumer Affairs, Mr. Duncan the owner of Affordable Iron Doors agreed to paid my deposit in full but again, I was strung along and never receive my full refund. I now have a small claims filed against Mr. Duncan and his company. Do NOT trust Mr. Duncan or his website has to say!


Gary Duncan is in Hiding

Hello everyone, I am writing this as an obligated consumer in our free market economy to warn all others, so that they do not make the same MISTAKE as i have made in the past. I decided to choose affordable iron doors as the company where i would purchase my iron door. Gary Duncan, the lying, *** owner, tempted me with his guarantees, and his extremely low prices. I was promised an iron door within 8 weeks, i am on a tight schedule as all construction is so the framing is up and there is no door, only a gaping hole, with plywood! I gave Gary Duncan a 50% deposit, in good faith, however i have not heard from him for about three weeks now, and my door is overdue, I only once received what seemed to be an automated e-mail response, saying that he is sorry and is doing all that he can in order to keep me happy. But he is lying i am not happy nor am i satisfied i am going to lose my deposit and whats worse is that i have lost all this time dealing with that liar... Be forewarned Gary is a liar and affordable iron doors is a scam, he only takes your deposit and you are left with only unanswered questions. I want to seriously warn everyone who thinks it is a good idea to be a customer at affordable iron doors. His website is full of lies, and i should have been smarter but i wasn't. It goes to show you that when you want to save you end up paying more than you had intended to in the first place, especially with scam companies like affordable iron doors.


Affordable Iron Doors Dishonest Misleading Fraud

If this helps one person and keeps them from doing business with this fraudulent, dishonest, immoral person it will be worth my time. My husband and I are building a custom home. We decided to use Affordable Iron Door for our front door based on a great price point and a guarantee for the owner, Gary Duncan, that our door would be delivered within 8 weeks or it was free. We put a 50% deposit down and were anxiously awaiting an update on status for our door. At the 7 week mark not a word from Gary. We inquired and were told that we had not ordered the door until 2 weeks prior? Hummm...our credit card was charged the day we placed the order giving us proof of order date, 7 weeks prior to the call. At the 10 week mark our home is through frame inspection and now has to be boarded up since Gary has not followed through on his promised delivery. We had no communication from Gary until another call is placed by my husband. At this point we get another story. Now our door was involved in the floods in China. Completely understandable if he had called us or emailed us or sent a sky writer...but he did not. The bottom line is through the 13+ weeks of dealing with Gary and his company we were never given accurate information. We have cancelled our order and have now had to go back to our credit card company to try to recoup the initial deposit.


Past employee preview

Gary Duncan, the owner of AFFORDABLE IRON DOORS is a piece of *** in my opionion and what a "LIAR and a FRAUD" . As far as I know none of the pictures on his webb site are of doors he sold or had made. He just took them with his camera of other peoples work or got them from other companies catalogs. The internet allows any loser to start a business and lie like Gary Duncan is doing now on his Affordable Iron Door webbsite. I fired this guy from my company for bad customer service and screwing up orders back in 2008. Until me he had never sold a door in his life and now he claims that after opening his own little appointment only showroom that he is American's leading iron door company. "TRUST ME" this guy is a "***" and only Americas leading Iron Door Fraud". Go visit his 300' + showroom and see his 6 or 7 chinese imported doors and determine for youself if his claim to "20,000 doors in stock" or his ten years in business is true. The truth is he has less than 2 years experience selling doors for 2 other door companys and he was fired from both of them. He has no shop or service employee's and he rarely answers his own phone. This *** "one man operation" posted negative lie's about me and my company on the internet to hurt my Award Winning Company which has been building Iron Doors for 28 years, in order to help him sell more doors. I never taught him anything but how to write an order and he has no experience through me on installing these doors. He is only a failed used car salesman and furniture salesman that I regret in hiring. I felt sorry for him is why I hired him. He begged me to hire him cause noone else would. Now I am very sorry I ever met him. He has really caused me personal suffering and cause my buisness to suffer as well, by his childish remarks and lie's! I hope NOBODY is *** enough to buy a door from this man. You will find him to have bad taste, be rude, and screw up your order "as he did for me" too many times! He will say his chinese doors are as good as mine. "I suggest you see for yourself" and decide! In my opion Chinese doors are "LOW QUALITY CHEAP JUNK". Quality homes do not deserve such ***. Visit the company you intend to buy your door from and determine in person your choice. The Internet can be "deceiving" and GARY DUNCAN is a FRAUD according to his own webb site!


Mislead me on their product

This guys website says that they have been in business for 10 years. After further investigation they have been in business 1 1/2 years. The doors are not finished very well after they are fabricated. I believe they come out of China and they are not energy efficient. Their showroom is a tiny strip mall suite with about 15 doors to view. They are just a broker in my opinion. I would not be surprised if they were in business one day and gone the next. Be aware if you are giving them a deposit for a custom door as the lead-time is very long and you could loose your money.

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