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Ae Factory Service has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1400 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 2th position out of 499 companies.


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(800) 905-9505

1560 Cable Ranch Rd. Bldg. A, San Antonio, Texas, 78245, United States

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Did part arrive and schedule service

I cannot get a live person to let us know compressor has been ordered with approval and set up appt. for Richard Massey 517-424-****. Please, please contact him for appt as we have been waiting over 1 month for approval and repair. Thank you.


Repair man did not show up

Waited 51 days didn't show, no phone or text, then rescheduled me 26 day added to the already 52 days now! Sears's AE appliance repair is useless as 77 days before someone will not show up again! It a company that failed!


Billed for service already paid

I paid by check as asked by "Mike" and to make it out to sears 85.00 per my home warranty, I did check # 2015 in the amount of 85.00 on 06-29-2023it cleared on 07-20-2023 by my bank and I still get a bill saying that if I don't pay it will be sent to collections, I have already this so why is it being sent to collections? Please I want this resolved as I do NOT owe this bill thank you



No refrigerator for 4 weeks do to repair still not working have part need fixed asap was set for today but said it was cancelled please contact me by phone so I can get repaired thank you for help phone # 815-245-****


No one has shown up in 2 weeks

Very unsatisfactory service and no ability to connect with anyone we have been without a refrigerator for almost 2 months


Speak to someone now

Hi...I need to have the service technician who came to my house on July 5th come back. His name was Juan. He said my fridge is unrepairable. LG WONT continue my case for a refund until the technician is here with myself & the unit. I need to set up an appointment with him please so I can get this done & overwith. I have had no fridge or freezer for over a month a now Please call me to set up an appointment Thank you Karen Aiello


Need repair technician

My GE Induction range has been down one month. I need it fixed. I have both parts. I ordered a control board when you told me it was out of stock. I received the cooling fan technician ordered. Since i cant talk to a person, i need the tech scheduled for my repair immediately. He only lives 35 miles from me. You have Not provided me a work order number.


My repair man hasn't arrived yet!

No contact from a representative or repairman. No reliable business contact phone number. When calling the recording doesn't provide any reliable information on the repair time.non


To have my refrigerator repair

Have received parts need appointment for repairman to install and fix refrigerator on Thursday July 6, 2023


Had a service on June 28, refrigerator is not working, can’t schedule appointment

I try to go through automated phone system, it directs me online. Online, it tells me to call 802-613-**** which gets me to the same phone system. I dont know what to do to schedule an appointment since online directs to phone and phone directs me online. Help me,



Tech came 2 weeks after part was delivered, couldn't get a sooner appointment cause no one would return my call. Tech came today ,Tuesday 27th.10:30am. Took apart control panel to replace thermostat, decided to take thermostat apart because it was easier than fishing wire through plastic tube. Broke thermostat, had to go get a new one.4 hrs later,1:27pm he finished. Hope it works. Will not use A&E Factory service again... And American home shield, I'm changing my home warranty. And I want my service fee refunded to me ...75.00... Tech was a nice guy, but needs more training.


Wrong part

June 37, 2023 WE ARE SEETHING! The way you've handled his claim is beyond belief and we want to know WHY! You are consistent though. This is the third claim that you have SCREWED UP! This time the washer went out, tech said it was a computer problem, he ordered the part and set up a date to return to replace it which is today June 27. On June 26th my husband got on automated call to confirm said appointment. We didn't open the box since we trusted you folks to send the correct part. When he did open it he found a part for an ice maker! Now tell me where does that fit in the washer?? We both called and had to leave a message since no one ever answers the phone, there's been no human contact whatsoever! So now we sit and wait he going to show up or not? No one has returned our call. How can you be so incompetent? Do you have monkeys working there? Oh wait, that's insulting to monkeys Signed, The Seigneur's


Worst customer service - worse than cable!

My complaint is against A&E Factory Service. I purchased an extended warranty from Assurant, which contracted A&E Factory Service to repair my GE Induction Cooktop. A technician came out 4/20/2023 and determined that parts were needed. He ordered the parts and left, setting a follow-up appointment for 5/3/2023 (today). Since 4/20, there has been no contact from Assurant, A&E or the technician. No parts have arrived. I tried contacting A&E to find out if my appointment is valid since no parts have arrived. A&E has no way to talk to a human - no phone number, no texting, no online chat. Everything is either website or automated phone. When I called the automated phone, I was told the parts were not delivered so the appointment was cancelled. Note that I only know this because I called them - they made no effort to contact me. The automated line told me to use a provided link and reference number to see the status of my appointment. They had provided no such link or reference number. I contacted Assurant via text chat and later by phone and was told the following: 1) Assurant gave me a reference number for the appointment 2) Assurant has no information on the required parts - if they had been shipped, or if they are backordered - nothing. 3) Assurant said the appointment was cancelled because no parts had arrived. 4) I was told to use the A&E website to schedule an appointment once the parts arrive (the same parts no one knew anything about) I then accessed the A&E website, and entered the reference number which was not recognized by the system. An error message told me to call the automated phone line - the same phone line that had previously told me to use the website. This is now a circular problem with no way to contact a human at A&E. Can't contact the previous technician, find out the status of the parts or a follow-up appointment. No pro-active contact from A&E about the parts problem, the cancelled appointment, or the scheduling of a follow-up.

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