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Advocate Healthcare has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 87 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 11th position out of 763 companies.


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Complaintpissedoff costomer

Room mate dentures have been missing since Dec 6th 2022 from South Suburban Hospital , all corispontace has led numerous investigations and now a new 30 day investigations has been started this is ridiculous, want to speak to someone and not Rayan O'Neil


Disparity in Services

I reside in Richton Park Ill and recently I have become a patient at the Olympia Fields Advocate Aurora Office. After leaving the Orland Park office due to my doctor retiring, I became a patient in this particular office. I see huge disparities from Orland Park to Olympia Fields. Things noted, lack of office management, doctor patient ration, long wait for specialty doctors, physicians leaving, long wait times for services, customer service training could be incorporated for better engagement of patients being serviced in this office. This is a situation that needs to be addressed for better outcomes for the patients in this area. I really want to share my concerns with you. This is a pressing matter that needs to be addressed ASAP!


Paid my bill off.

Updated by user Jan 14, 2022
Trying to collect more money after 2 years.

Updated by user Jan 14, 2022
Lost my job in 2020 because of covid19. Would not work with me on the bill ($11000.) Then sent me to collections.

Original review Jan 14, 2022
Paid my bill $5000.00 and $6000.00 They have been harassing me now for two years. Trying to collect 1500.00 that I do not owe. I sent proof that I paid balance. So now they sent it to a second collection agency.


Too long of a wait

I had an appointment at Advocate Group Health Care in Olympia Fields, on June 6, 2021. I waited 1.5 hours to see Dr. Jennette Berry, and she still didn't see me, so I left, and I will take my services else where. Furthermore, I am truly dissatisfied with this office.


Coding errors at Advocate

They incorrectly coded my claim to Blue Cross and would not resubmit a corrected claim and want me to pay the balance.


Emergency security in park ridge

The new security guy in the advocate emergency points his gun toward hispanic people when they enter and exit the emergency.


Cold, corporate, uncaring

Very disappointed in the mechanized and not terribly competent care you receive here. It's not the fault of the medical team - they are simply overbooked and overworked. It can take endless phone calls to schedule an appointment and the scheduling team is not especially professional. Billing is a nightmare. I am a nurse myself and used to go here for my primary care. Not anymore.



Original review Dec 15, 2020
I took my sick son on 12/11/20 Friday around 10.30 am to the walk in clinic at 5540 W Touhy , Niles. I had to wait there 2.30 hours to be seen by a Nurse practitioner at 1 pm.. They asked me to sit in the car . My son could not sit or stand in the car as it was very pain full for him to do that. So we requested them to be inside the lobby. After 1.30 hr I asked to speak to the manager , to which the receptionist said there is no manager & there is nobody in place of her or to talk to !! She gave me a name Wendy and the phone number , when I called its the same office number !! Every time I went to the receptionist they callously said "we have told them '' . When it was 1 hour and 45 minutes and I asked how long / they offered to refund my $25.00 co-pay and asked to take my son to emergency if I want !! A ll these time son couldn't sit or stand !! not even a nursing assistant came to assess my son. And after almost 2 hr they said you are next . It took another 30 minutes plus he was seen by an apparently exhausted Nurse Practitioner. She and the nursing assistant were nice nd said they are under staffed. It appears Advocate only cares about money and about service. Do not go to this place. This is not the first time we have similar experience with them. I am planning to switch to another provider. They are absolutely callous in their service . If they cant deliver the service they said should close down that place !!


Financial Assistance

My daughter had a concussion as was taken to Advocate Health. The treatment was fine but it's the billing and Financial Assistance Department that are the issues. We received the bill which was in the thousands of dollars. Advocate Billing department could only arrive at a monthly plan which was over $200.00 a month. That is pretty high for us, and they stated they could not make it lower. Other hospitals have made it lower and manageable. I applied for Financial Assistance as my wife was barely working due to Covid19 and we were on one salary for a long time. They denied this claim saying we make too much money. We are middle class people looking for a little help not to pay the whole bill. Very disappointed in these departments and fell they didn't look at our situation. Only looked at a Spreadsheet saying your over the limit. Very poor!


You have to jump through hoops to get things taken care of

I had to call a phone number provided to me by one of the employees. I called and dialed 1. That did not help me, so I called again and dialed number 4, got to an answering machine that is not manned, then I called the number back and dialed 3, that person told me I had to call back and dial 2. Mind you this is all for the same number. And you know what I wanted? An authorization form for FMLA. Really? Why isn't the form available online? Why isn't the form in MyChart? Originally everyone at the office told me to drive back to get the form!! Really? If I need the FMLA form to fill out, that means I AM SICK! The office is 30 minutes away from me. Why did I have to call back 4 times before I found someone who answered the phone. Getting an authorization form should not be that hard to obtain. THAT IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Write a complaint!

I wish I could get zero stars for their ability to take payments on the phone using their billing system. I was on hold for more than 45 minutes. Plus, the annoying advertisement that I had to listen to as I waited made it almost impossible to concentrate on other tasks. Yes, I understand that I have the option to get a call back when my turn comes up, however, am I to carry around my bill and health care Visa the entire day so when they finally call me and I'm at the grocery store, I'll be prepared? Perhaps if they could get more help or more efficient equipment to handle their call volume I could pay my bill. When the call was answered the person on the other end was very pleasant even after I asked if she was the only one taking calls. :)


Good luck paying your bills.

They keep you on the phone for ever before they answer. Then they have NO idea how the insurance discount works. I have over paid and they are trying to turn me into collections. I paid my bills in full. These workers are the worst. There not trained for there jobs. I rate you a big O


Financial Services are Horrible

Updated by user Dec 11, 2019
I have not been contacted by this company to try to resolve this issue.I have been contacted them repeatedly to pay my bills which I am doing to the best of my ability. They will allow me to make a payment arrangement for the smaller of the two bills.

I have contacted them several times to do so and each time they keep telling me they require payment which you’ve already received four of totaling $110. This is not a resolution for this either because I’m still not on a payment plan and they still plan to turn this over to collections.For the larger amount I continue to pay them on that as well, but they refuse to put me on some sort of a payment plan that I can afford.I continue to pay with a request on the one account of mine that does have a payment plan.

Original review Nov 11, 2019
I had to have several procedures at Advocate Good Shepherd. While everything was fine with the care I received the harassment I got from their business office was not! In total I owe over $15,000 in medical bills for 2019. I owe Advocate about $2,500.00. They allowed me to put one of my accounts on a payment plan. 6 months (originally were only going to allow 3) Paying $65.00/month. I have 2 other accounts totaling $1,200.00+. The business office refused to put me on payment plan I could afford, so I am sending what I can monthly. They told me that after the 3rd invoice, my accounts were going to be "outsourced" - meaning sent to collections. This is so wrong! I am doing my best to pay everyone. This is health care?


Medical merry-go-round

Primary care physician referred me to multiple specialists and running back and forth, for the last specialist to say go back to hand surgeon who told me after I asked if it could be arthritis, he said oh I don't know it could be. It seems nobody knows what they're doing and they are supposed to be specialist . The billing department doesn't know what there doing, you have a 0 copay and they're putting in WRONG code and they are trying to bill you for a specialist but they say there's a glitch in their new system


Don’t waste your time going here

New patient appointment time was at 12:15. I was here at 11:50. It’s almost 1:50 and I still haven’t been seen yet. If this is how they treat new patients then I wonder how established patients are treated. I’m never coming back here again. What a joke.


Rip off

They over charge for there service. Make sure you ask what they charge when you go in. Advertise as urgent care.Office was not at hospital but in office building by retail stores. They charge like you are at a hospital emergency room.

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