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Advanced Bionutritionals has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 179 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 15th position out of 315 companies.


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5305 Oakbrook Parkway, Norcross, Georgia, 30093, United States

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Advanced Bionutritionals Reviews


Had to pay return shipping for products I didn't order

Ordered (over the phone) eight bottles of hair formula and received eight bottles of bone support. In order to get my $109.00 refunded, I had to pay for the return shipping, even though they sent the wrong product. Also, looked at the ingredients on the bone support, and it contains very basic/common ingredients and is certainly not worth the price.


I purchased advanced amino formula ,curcumitol-Q and circO2

Original review Feb 25, 2023
All,of these products made me so sick taken as advised by the labels .i was so close to going to the hospital ,I could hardly breath my throat was so sore and raw my stomach felt like and acid bath my mouth dried out my tongue teeth and gums so raw and painful I could hardly eat for a week.


Can’t get permission to return unordered product order #0293150

12/3/22 ordered Circ 02. Advanced Bionutritionals sent me Circutol.NOT. Circ 02. I have tried on 12/12/22 with Jennifer, on 12/13/22 with Sheritila. She was to send return shipping label. [never received]. On 12/30/22, I spoke to Mikehe says customer service closed until Tuesday. Called again on 2/3/23, 2/6/23 and left my number. No response. Today, 2/8/23, I spoke to Mike [again], Chris and Brett. Brett says she is requesting a label be mailed to me.I should get it within the week. This is label transaction I.D. #100****. In all the years I have been doing business with advanced bionutritionals, I have never had a reason to involve customer service. [in this case, Customer Dis-service]. What an awful experience and a huge waste of my time. They have good products, but God help you if you ever have a problem. Basically, everyone just shrugs and hopes youll just get tired and go away. Since there are so many companies who give good service and, also, have good products, who needs Advanced Bionutritionals? BTW, why is it that C/S never answers their phone??? You always have to leave a number and they never call you back. Hmmmm.


Lack of customer service & product information

I use the bone support, onthe recommendation of a friend. It arrived quickly. The hard, large tablet gives me gas & I wondered why it isnt in a capsule form.Its label indicates not to take with calcium supplement. I would like to know why. I use it in the evening before bed when I have an empty stomach, also label directive. I am interested in using the sleep support product but it has calcium in it so cant take w/ bone support. Customer service was only an order taking service. Was told I had to find a doctor, because there is no one to answer questions or give information about ABs products. Very poor integrity.


No answer received...

I am asking for my order placed some time ago now. Please advise arrival in Lux Thanks Romain Kugener Luxembourg


Unhappy with customer service and also with product

I ordered Ultimate Bone Support a few months ago and was supposed to receive two free bottles if I bought six. However, I did not receive the two free bottles with my order and when I called to complain, I was told I should have ordered through a different website. In addition, the product makes me nauseous on an empty stomach, which is how you are supposed to take it. I called to see if I could take it with a meal instead, since calcium interferes with the absorption. But the rep didn't know and told me to ask a doctor. I think they should have a doctor on staff to answer such questions. I feel like I wasted my money and will not order from them again.


Power Amino are no better than sugar pills...

I bought 3 month supply of those amino caplets. I am in my 50s. I expect change with my muscle mass etc. Nothing. I wrote to Customer Service to file a complaint about the lack of promise of this product. One agent tells me she understood my disappointment. And that is it. No refund. Nothing. It iw a waste of time and money. I workout regularly, 5 days a week, I weight trained, watched my diet, swallowed those damn tablets ...Nothing. Nada Zilch! This is a scam.


I did finally get 114.80 return back after not receiving supplements.

It only took over 4 months and 11 calls of about 30 minutes each. They finally called back after promising numberous times to do so, but it was only after my negative review


Did not receive medicine or refund

The Advanced memory formula was sent to the wrong address and not received. The check for $114.80 was cashed 4/12/22 and I called 5/13. I was told that the refund would be sent within 7 to 10 days, but after 12 phone calls (with average hold time about 30 minutes each time) I have not received it.


The Advanced Memory Formula was sent to the wrong address and never received.

I was told the $114.80 would be refunded with 7 days about 2 1/2 months ago. After 12 calls ( with average hold time about 30 minutes), I have never received refund.


I want to opt out and not answered

I am charged for goods I dont want. Last payment was deducted on 06/07/2022 with no delivery of product. I want to cancel this service ASAP.



There are no reviews here prior to COVID. Perhaps they were having the same problems as everyone else. Shutdowns, supply chain problems, sourcing, infected employees, Maybe their mfg and company is in CA, governments paying people to stay home, people looking for excuses to stay incredible domino effect that has eroded the whole planet's ability to completely recover from the massive, invasive, destructive effects of the virus and the governments who screwed up the management of the pandemic. Just putting that out there. I have not purchased anything from them. Sorry for everyone's loss of money and time.


Stilling money !

Updated by user Aug 01, 2022
Customer service - Sherita and Cameo not replying to my emails anymore . I sent them a pin which I got from my bank , they need it in order to return money .

They didn't , so they stoled $104. They claim they didn't take the money , I red they reviews and there is more people that they lost their money .

Why this company is allowed to do it ? I'm from Ireland so I cannot place formal complain in US .

Updated by user Jul 01, 2022
Nothing changed , still no refund. Tried to contact them on social media, they blocked me.

Original review Jul 01, 2022
Order cancelled after weeks waiting , money not returned. I contacted the card company and payment was fully processed. They claim they didn't take any payment , reading other reviews appears I am not the only one . Can any ody do something about it ? Why the authorities approve this kind of behavior ? Is this popular in US ?


They stoled my money

Updated by user Jun 16, 2022
The blocked me on Facebook, no improvement.

Original review Jun 13, 2022
I payed , they cancelled the order after 3 weeks . No reply to the emails , no reply to messages on Facebook but they read them. Scammers and robbers !


Resolved: I ordered The sleep formula and it gave me a headache. I have been trying to get through to customer support to cancel my order. They never answer the phone.

Updated by user Jun 09, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. The company contacted my by email and apologized and offered full refund..

Original review May 06, 2022
Their customer support is nonexistant as far as I can tell. I get a jazzy recording that goes on and on for over and hour before I hang up. I want to cancel my order for the sleep formula as it gives me a headache every time I use it. The product keeps coming and coming and I can't seem to get it cancelled. and I am being charged each time! I am VERY unsatified with this company.



July I ordered one product which I received in August. If it made a difference in one month I intended to reorder. It didn't make a difference therefore I decided to not reorder. September 26th I received 2 emails advising me my products had been shipped. I logged into my account. I went into my Order History and there are 2 orders for August and September. AUTOSHIP was turned on. I didn't make any orders for August and September nor did I turn on AUTOSHIP. Also...there is no way in the Account to change my credit card details, cancel my account or Turn Off AUTOSHIP. This business takes control of customer money every month without customer permission, takes advantage of people who are believing of the rants and raves about there products only to find they are being robbed. Its disgusting. I consider their intentions and actions are in the lowest of life category.

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