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Advance Auto Parts has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1300 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 6th position out of 513 companies.


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Incompetent employees

When i was in your Riverton store the only employee that was there had a really hard time finding parts and running the computer, the manager should be ashamed of them self for leaving him in charge and untrained, he could not even find the part with the part number off your website, I will think before going there again.


I asked the young lady for transmission fluid for my car and pointed to the car fluids

So finally I said seriously can you look up my car so I buy the right product, finally she looks up my car picks up what I trusted her 2 pick out . Finally I'm getting ready 2 pour this in and it says fully synthetic !! I brought it back in and said to her you cannot mix conventional with fully synthetic and she argued with me . Explain to her that you cannot mix oil or transmission fluids together . Also explained once you go synthetic you don't go back and she told me again I was wrong. I'm going back to Pep boys


Poor customer service.

The customer service in this store , is very unprofessional. The store manager needs to discipline his subordinates. If you are dealing with a customer. Why would you pick up your personal cellphone? Completely ignoring the customer. I personally don't care if she is or was going to go out for drinks. That's personally not my fault for overhearing her. While she is supposed to be helping me the paying customer. I will be supporting the small moms and pops establishment or these companies


Product return reimbursement

My husband bought me a battery from the Lee county KY advanced auto and I had to return it but they couldn't find it on his account and we purchased hundreds of dollars a stuff a month from that store but for some reason they employee said he could not find the battery which we new we bought there and was under warranty he could not find. So to get home I had to purchase another battery in my name and he took my die hard battery as a core return on the cheapestedt battery I could afford instead of getting to use my warranty so I came home and found my receipt which I have which is for they original die hard battery purchased around a year ago and has a 3 year warranty n it and is on my husband's account the receipt plainly states so so he d I get refunded for one of the batteries cause I should not of had to purchased an off brand when I explained to the employee that I knew I had a warranty still good n the bad battery. We love that store and have never had a problem yet but this was very disappointing in the service of that branch because everything is on your account and the battery plainly was my husband's name is on the account section of the receipt and I had to barrow the money from the person I asked to take me to advanced to exchange the battery r I would not of gotten home. So please let me know what I am to do now I clearly should not of had to purchase a battery at all that day nor should I f had to settle with a cheaper one t just get home when my husband had already a year earlier had repaired me for the situation that occurred that day by purchasing a name brand battery with a warranty on it. So what do I need to do to be reimbursed especially since the employee took the due hard battery I had a warranty on in as a core return. Thank you for your time and I will be eagerly waiting for a good response and solution to my dilemma.


Store closed down

Advance auto wont honor warranty on brakes because store has closed down and my reciept has faded away.


Refunds. Not issues

Updated by user Jul 06, 2023
MY ERROR. The refund was received and I have always had good experiences with Advanced Auto!!!!

Original review Jul 06, 2023
I have two refunds issued 6/25. One for 128.09 and one for 42.70. They have not been refunded to my debit card


Racial discrimination, Bellevue Pennsylvania Highway 65 managers name is Mike discriminated against me. I would like for someone to call me 412-495-**** thank you.

Call me please 412495**** ???,,,///asafahacacafatnnjgvh jhbh not nmmnvfybvcxhvvcxdxdfcfykoknnub kiln. K


Online Order cancellation and refund perks

Original review Jul 02, 2023
I had to order parts TWICE and the order was confirmed by my bank and then CANCELLED by AAP. Orders and receipts show increases for both orders online 1st order 582.00 2nd order 626.00 3rd instore order 702.00. SAME MERCH ON ALL 3 PURCHASES. $120.00 difference. Guys in store took it personally and refused to give me online prices when I showed them receipt and bank drafts.


My bank didn't not cover my check

For some reason the bank rejected the checks I would like to know what I can do we like to know what's the next step is there someone I can talk to so we can fix the issue no


I've purchased many apartments I've even had a corporate account and I went had a battery destroyed my reservoir on my Honda Accord cuz it was leaking from the post I returned the tried to return the

A defective battery I purchased has caused my car to stop running I went to return the battery to exchange it for another one and they are telling me they have no record of the sale and I am not happy at all


Complaint Regarding Employee Closing Store Early

Original review Jun 15, 2023
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with a recent incident at one of your store locations. On 6-13-23 at approximately 8:55pm, I visited the Monee location and was dismayed to find that the store had closed earlier than the posted closing time. The employee on duty, whose name I believe was Ray, informed me that the store was closing early and refused to provide service. This unexpected closure caused me significant inconvenience, as I had specifically made the trip to the store to purchase brake parts for my work van. Parts that I had ordered online and a steel brake line that I wasnt able to find in the app. After arguing with him he eventually allowed me to take the parts that were paid for but without the brake line, they were useless to me. I returned them on 6-15-23. I just bought everything at Auto Zone the following morning. Because I wasnt able to fix my van I missed an entire day of work, $500, the next day. Because Ray wanted to save 5 minutes, I lost 8 hours. The icing on the cake was when I talked to Chris, the owner, he said, it was 5 minutes. Im not going to reprimand him over that. I have been a loyal customer of the Monee Advance Auto Parts location for well over a decade and have generally had positive experiences. However, this incident has left me disappointed and questioning the commitment to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, I owned a shop for years and still have customers that bring me their cars to fix, plus my own projects, and I promise that they will all hear about this. As long as hes employed there, I will never buy another part. I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a prompt resolution. Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me at (708) 334-****. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Sincerely, Luke Wetzel


Resolved: Web site and "in stock"

Updated by user Jun 09, 2023

No apologies necessary.

Original review Jun 09, 2023
Their web site is hard to navigate inorder to find a store that had a particular item in stock. Then when you go to the store and wait in line the salesperson types the item number and says "we don't have any". I show him my phone that shows that store in stock. The person show me his screen that shows zero. He never apologized he just said order it on line. I did order it online from Amazon with next day delivery. Moral of the story... don't shop Advance instead shop Amazon!


I want justice

Updated by user Jun 07, 2023
My car was in my daughters apartment complex in the parking lot next to the advance auto with a parking pass and was mysteriously towed away after I called and made an complaint against advance auto. They’re trying to cover up the whole situation.

Original review Jun 07, 2023
A employee at Advance auto put the wrong radiator cap on my car and my radiator started leaking antifreeze and it busted my engine.! I made an complaint was told to send them the invoice for the damages and has been getting the runaround and fake emails and phone calls from employees. Please help me


Nothing To This Day

Updated by user Jun 05, 2023
Truck is parked and now throwing misfiring codes and they claim it wasn't due to the spark plus being sold to me that were not the right ones.

Original review Jun 05, 2023
I have attempted to get help regarding the issue of the store selling me the wrong spark plugs which has now led to way worse issues with my truck to now parked and not running. I even filled a claim with their claim line division and was told someone would call me within 24 hours and that was weeks ago.



Yesterdey pay 2 part(support) $73.80 in stock only 1, I order 1 mor for pickup todas in front desde clero say me, only pay one, a say him I pay 2, and no pick part, a need retorno my money


Resolved: Complaint re: wrong part and TRE

Updated by user Apr 27, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. a very polite rep returned my call within an hour and immediately solved the problem.

Original review Apr 27, 2023
Good morning, I am writing because I am very upset with your company. Recently while on a trip the headlights in my van went out. My wife was traveling alone. She went to your store in Harrisburg pa, and was informed the part she needed was a headlight relay. When she returned home, the nice young man had printed off the part she needed. I went to youre store #6768 and was sold that part. The part did not fit as it was a completely different part. I went to the dealership and purchased the correct part. While there I noticed an advance auto #6783 and tried to return the wrong part. The transaction was declined by your system. The manager suggested perhaps I try the original store. I drove the 25 minutes back to the teal ave. Store and again it was declined because of the " tre" I called the number on the receipt and was informed (rather brusquely) that it had to do with my return history. Excuse me? As far as I know I don't have a return history and certainly not in the past year. The phone rep stated he would mail a report. I am not waiting for a report I know is bogus so your company can make me jump through hoops for a $26.99 return. I understand the part is electrical and perhaps that's the reason. However, that's not the reason given to me and it makes no sense as the part was never installed. It simply did not fit due to a mistake from your employee. employees at both stores, were extremely kind and I want to be clear. I am not upset at the store staff. I am upset at a company that has always preached integrity but doesn't honor a simple return conducted in an honest manner. I have my receipt. The entire transaction was within 24 hours. This is ridiculous. I should not be forced to be embarrassed over a small purchase and then have to wait for you to mail me a report so that I can begin dispute. I have a better solution. If someone with decision authority would contact me, we can reasonably come to a resolution. Otherwise, I will need to file a complaint. Thank you


Poor Service at Store #08805

4/6/2023 I entered your store located at 958 E Swan Creek Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744 to purchase or replace a battery for my 2012 Ford F-150 at approximately 3:25 pm. There were two associates at the first register discussing something and one associate (John) in the parts area who did not have a customer. As I approached John his phone rang and he answered. I heard him say, "Hello. Yes Ann, I think I can help you." I thought it was a business call, but at that time he put reached down and put his cell phone on speaker and I could hear the female on the other end speaking. John asked her where her event was located and she said down Route 4. He asked how many people and she responded around 75. He asked her if it was a wedding reception. After about 3 minutes another associate (Moe) appeared at the register near John and asked for the next customer. The customer who was waiting in front of Moe deferred to me, but I said I'd like to wait for John to finish his call because I did not believe it had anything to do with Advance Auto. After a few more moments waiting for John to complete his call, which I can only guess had something to do with a catering service, Salome came to a register and asked if she could help. I purchased the battery I needed from her and I asked if there was a manager on duty. She told me that they all were managers. I explained the situation and she told me that there was nothing she could do because she was not John's manager. I asked to speak to John's manager and she left the register. A few moments later Moe came to the register. I explained to Moe again that I felt that John's priority should have been to me his Advance Auto customer and not his side hustle phone call. Moe responded that he understood how I felt. Somewhat taken aback at his lack of concern I asked "So what are we going to do about John, Moe?" He responded, "I guess I can talk to him." This entire conversation was had within John's earshot as he was standing at the adjacent register. I can only hope my negative experience at your store is not indicative of what is the "norm" or accepted behavior by your associates. The response or lack of a response from the manager seems to suggest that your own employees do not value your Brand or its reputation. I would like for someone to contact me to let me know how you address this issue.

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