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AdTranquility has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 748 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 5th position out of 1129 companies.


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651 N Broad St, Suite 206, Middletown, Delaware, 19709, United States

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Cancel for subscription

I didn't have a complaint. My issue is I lost my Son to cancer recently, and I could no longer afford certain things..The Customer service was excellent and gave me sincere condolences.. very understanding...Thankyou!sye



I did not subscribe to this but they took £14.99 out of my account, can't get hold of them, I now have to wait till Monday to try and get refund


Prélèvements arrêt immédiat

Bonjour veuillez arrêter tous prélèvements sur mon compte bancaire cordialement Mr Jean Luc Marchandise Ps je ne me souviens plus de mon email d abonnement


I want to cancel my subscription and refund immediately

Please cancel my subscription and refund immediately I don't wanna this app any more as soon as possible.


Cancel charges on my credit card

I chose this company to block ads..after reading terrible reviews I decided to cancel and look elsewhere. They told me they would refund money and cancel for stead of refunding money to went from 9.99 to 14.99 and having been charging my card every week since the first of April. I would like my money returned and cancel this acct. To beat all, they charged me and didn't bother to block aDS!!! Unbelievable!!no way would I recommend!!


Cancellation and refund

I CANCELLED MY SUBSCRIPTION BUT IT DIDNT GET CANCELLED SO I WAS CHARGED FOR IT SO I would like to have my subscription cancelled and my refund please


Taking money out for app I don't want

Taking my money told me call back on business day, now #is attorney wanting to know what my felony is. Bout to get one.


Cancel my subscription

Too much money and I can't afford it. Don't like it. Not value for money. Froud. The rufund plocy is ok.


Adjust and discuss payment situation

I am satisfied with my customer service and the ability to reduce my payments due to the fact that I cannot afford a higher price and they wanted to keep my service I appreciate that and I would recommend it and the customer service is great and I also do think no, that it would be a lot easier to navigate if you could contact customer service a little easier off the web the automated operator was not a very fun experience for me actually but nonetheless not too bad



I am wanting to cancel its taking me ages and cost a fortune in phone call I am glad To say I have been refunded


Charged my card for months without authorization

I just noticed that this company is charging me for an app I've never had. They've charged my card $9.99 FOUR times a month for a service I've never had. They don't have live people to help you. I've requested a refund and they say my email address isn't on file.


Resolved: I don't want what ever this is

Updated by user Jul 10, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. Ralph W.

from Ad Tranquility called me this morning and after trying to get me to subscribe at a discounted price agreed to refund $139.91.

I have the email from him to confirm the refund. I'll keep the email until I see the refund to my checking account.

Updated by user Jul 08, 2023
Just found 4 more charges from Ad Tranquility stemming back to 4/24/23. Now the charges are up to $139.99

Original review Jul 08, 2023
I never subscribed to Ad Tranquility and when I called the customer service number it shows on my phone as suspected spam. I will call them on Monday 6/10 to talk to someone. So far I've been charged $74.99 since 5/30/23.


You stole my money without my authorization.

Original review Jun 30, 2023
I never agreed to anything at all. I got Norton360 & did the 7 day trial then canceled. It didn't work for me.Then you guys charge me 2 times,tried to 3 times but $14.99 twice. I want a Full Refund.I do not want the service. I Never asked for the service and did not agree to this service at all. It's like you try to charge me every week!


To cancel and refund for a subscription that i am paying for that i did not authorise

I would like to cancel the subscription for ad block and would like a refund as I did not authorise this, the payments of $19.98 has been taken out of my account twice one on the 27th may 2023 and one on the 28th may 2023 both for the amount of $19.98 I have tried to cancel it online and my only two email addresses I own do not match the one that it was set up with.


Refund on 5 transaction on my card

They deducted from my bank account without giving any notification I didn't agree to proceed with the subscription plz refund 5 transactions of amount 14.99 each week

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