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Adora Models has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 146 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 4th position out of 72 companies.


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Adora Models Photo Shoot Review

I was told that my daughter would be in your website which she isn't I've spent so much on this and for what I can get cheaper photo shoots you out it out there like my daughter was going to become a model you as a company has scammed so many others and it's not right


Short Review on October 16, 2016

Wow, looks like I was quite lucky. Adora models only scammed me for £200


Short Review on October 12, 2016

Absolutely taking the *** outta young people!! Am ashamed of myself for letting them take advantage of me and my beautiful child..! How are they getting away with this day in day out.. *** of the earth.. don't hand no money over to them.. £800 lighter! and nothing to show for it.. gutted


Adora models are a SCAM!!!!!

I went along after being scouted by previous agencies but it never working out, so when i applied to adora models i was thrilled. However, i went along had pictures done and wasted a day sitting around for them to "contact the agency". They then call you into a small box room where a man proceeded to tell me his daughter was with the agency and couldnt ask for a better agency. He then showed us the pictures that had been taken and pressured us into buying some in order to build up my portfolio. We were then scammed out of £500... Avoid this company at any costs they are brutal amd selfish *** that are out for anything they can get. Two years later and ive heard nothing. Dont apply for this agency despite how pretty they tell you you are!!!! They pose to be an agency and to have connections with companies like next etc...LIES!


Adora Models - Photo Shoot Review from Swadlincote, Derbyshire

got asked to go for a photoshoot for my little girl. was so made up i went along waited for hours with a 1 yr old. She had her pics done and was told she had been successful. we were taken into a small room to pick photos and told about a portfolio. at that point i should have left but wanting to give my daughter the best start i pakd £500 upfront and a direct debit for another £500 never heard a thing of them and the pics of my child were not up on the system. AVOID at all costs scam artists


Short Review on May 10, 2016

Do not use this company along with Blackberry Models. They are scam artists. I got £750 back from them by going through my credit card company.


Adora Models Application Review

Was manipulated into paying lots of money and the information that was given across to me never happened


Other Product Review

If people are reading this don't go to UK models adora models they'll say anything to get money off you and no result ...


Adora Models Photoshoot Review from Garforth, England

2014 i applied for adora models online, i was then emailed to attend a test shoot at what i believed was called lemon studios in manchester near oxford road/street, i attended this test shoot and had to wait atleast 3 hours before i was seen (i thought this was normal as i had never done such thing before) i then was taken for hair and makeup and went for my photos, this was all okay, i was taken in a little room and the women shown me the photos it was 10 for 250 or 500 for them all. We then had to leave the room and await to see if i was "accepted" after about 2 hours more i was brought back in successful, my mum didnt have this kind of money on her, we spoke about it and then i begged my mum to pay as it was my dream career she asked me to choose 10 photos (i chose this offer) i picked 10 i liked she then persuaded me to change some of them. She shown me my profile, link being 2 years later ive still heard nothing from them and now seeing all this scam stuff!! Im more than pissed off


Adora Models Test Shoot Review from Darcy Lever, England

Very unhappy with this company. My friend applied and got accepted and all seemed well, so I applied, got a test shoot in manchester and went along with my mother as i was 17 at the time. First of all we had a bit of a wait but this seemed normal. Doing the shoot was not problem either, I explained to the photgrapher I was nervous and he understood. Once the shoot was done we proceeded to wait for almost an hour whilst the test photos were "sent to adora for aproval" when we were finally asked into the office, the lady dealing with the matter was using quite confusing language, and terms that me and my mum didn't quite understand, yet nothing was explained properly to us. We were told I had been accepted and all I would have to do is purchase some of the images to send to the agency, the pictures were of good quality and i was clearly flustered trying to select a few. We were made an offer of all 63 of the images, plus in black and white, and sepia for £1000. I had some savings and with my mothers permission I decided this would be acceptable as the deal would normally cost £1600 or so. This is when they started preassurising, I said I didn' t have the money on me, and my card wouldn't allow me to pay that much at once and I would have to withdraw the money. We were told that my mother would have to stay at the office and to be blunt I would have to be escorted by an assistant to the cash machine... I'm autistic so didn't notice what was going on, thus following through with the transaction. I got told to email a select few to the agency and they would adversely email me with a link to my modelling page... In all I was disappointed with how basic the page was, and now after nearly two years I haven't once heard from them with work oppertunities, and now lately I've been hearing a lot that it's a big scam. Suffice to say I'm extremely unhappy disgusting that they can do these sort of things to people. Avoid at all cost I'd say!


Trading as Blackberry Models...

Found the post on Facebook and thought hey, why not!? Just sent off my pictures and then was told on email that they could "see potential". I should have realised from the wooden responses that there was something a bit dodgy. Anyway, they gave me the locations of the studio and I went. When I got there, it was very busy. Reassuring on a way, but not in another. I had my photos taken and after that there was a wait while they sent them off to the agency. They then brought me in for a chat saying that I'd been accepted, and that it a portfolio would be needed. - That initial portfolio would be around the price of £700!... Why on Earth I agreed and paid in installments to the photography company, I do not know! I think it was because of how nice they were at the time and I did love my photos and am happy with those. Must stress that the photography company did state they had no connection with Blackberry... I'm guessing I will never hear from the Blackberry side again then. Have I been ripped off?


Please DO NOT hand over any money!! Blackberry/Adora are a scam agency!!!

My daughter was "accepted" by the agency who are now trading as Blackberry model agency. We were then shown the test shots and quoted £1000 for a portfolio, the total quickly dropped to £400 and could have dropped further as the saleswoman at Media One studio wanted to speak to her boss to see if they could reduce it! I said we would sort our own portfolio and quickly got an email from the agency asking where we were getting the portfolio done. I gave them the website and they said the images were dreadful and would not suffice - the photographer has been published in Kerrang! and won professional photography awards worldwide. They basically told me it was media one or nothing, I asked for the contract to read through so we could discuss it and make a decision and was told it had already been attached to the original email. I received no contract from them and have heard no more from them since. It is definitely a scam and I am disgusted that they would prey on children's dreams in this way! They are despicable people with obviously no conscience at all! Steer well clear!!!



So glad I read these reviews! Nearly took my children to this place. Doesn't sound professional at all! Anthony who keeps replying to messages on here doesn't seem professional either! Seems very bitter, angry and childish! He obviously has way too much time on his hands.....which isn't a good sign for someone who works in such a 'busy' model agency! I've never seen anything like it! He says don't expect the photo shoot photos for free, ok that's fair enough but this needs to be explained in the emails they send you to invite you for the shoot, as it is not mentioned once!


Resolved: Adora Model Management- leaves A LOT of questions

Updated by user Jan 19, 2015
For legal reasons I have today noticed I have been unblocked from posting on there facebook page However I shall not be posting on there

Updated by user Dec 04, 2014
Since this review was posted I have received an email saying "You are not what we are looking for, Good luck" I just found it funny that I finally got that email after this review was posted

Original review Nov 29, 2014
I Do hate to do this but I feel it would benefit people starting off in the modelling industry. A few weeks ago I went on a test shoot for “Adora Model Management” Being careful as I try to be I gave them a quick google before I went and found A LOT of Bad reviews. I decided to take them with a pinch of salt knowing that some people can be vindictive or a little naive about these things but the comments mostly said they were pressurised into purchasing the images from the test shoot. I’ve been modelling for a year now and am pleased to say my portfolio is pretty vairied and spot on so I messaged the agency and asked about it and ensured I got in writing that I wouldn’t need to purchase the photos and that the shoot was purely to test my ability to demonstrate range and take direction as well as how I come out on camera. With this in writing I decided to give it a go I have nothing to loose by giving them a chance. To my luck I had also told a fellow model friend and we were able to book our shoots together and chaperon eachother We made our way to the Birmingham studio not far from the *** quater and Lee Bank and found our selfs in a very professional looking studio with make up artists on hand. We were given a form to fill out and they had accidently left a form in there for the people running the tests showing what we would be graded on. Our appearance on arrival, attitude towards waiting (and we had! We had waited around 2 hours!) but there were some things that we didn’t think were fair for example “Parents appearance on arrival” After we sat in the room for some time the make up artist offered to do our hair and make up we declined for me luckily I have an MUA as a sister and my friend wanted to change her make up for each outfit. I’m glad we did as I’m sure if we had done so THAT would have been chargeable despite the make up on the wall being from primark (Not a problem I use Primark stuff personaly but for a professional studio I had expected more appropriate products) We eventually did out shoot thankfully they took us in at the same time so while one of us shot the other could change which saved alot of time. Once we finished we waited a further 40 mins as they compiled a report and contacted the agency, we were then led into a side room and told the shoot had been sucsessfull and the agency would contact us with in 48 hours we were shown the photos and offered a chance to buy them but as mentioned before we both have good portfolios already we were told not to tell any one in the waiting room just incase it upset them had they not got through At this point Everything seemed Legit and perfect the Studio was professional enough and we hadn’t paid a penny we left feeling great and accomplished By this point it is 3 weeks later and despite numerous emails to the agency they HAVEN’T been in touch No contract has arrived in the post and I’ve even been Blocked from posting on there facebook page! I don’t know what they are up to I’ve lost nothing by going to the shoot How ever I have a feeling they are up to something they want covered up. I’ve even seen people post saying after contacting there “Clients” the companies have never heard of them. But that is of course hear say. I would avoid Adora for your own good how ever I am intruiged to find out more. I have since then been signed to another agency and seem to be doing well with them. There office wasn’t as elaborately decorated it was just that an office with a small white studio but they have handled everything proffesionaly and have been in contact regularly.


Resolved: Full conversation with Adora Member of staff

Updated by user Nov 08, 2014 does not allow users to delete reviews (see FAQ section). One may assume that in marking this issue as resolved, it is.

I would remind Anthony of the Laws of the UK Data Protection Act 2003.

Original review Nov 03, 2014
On 1 Nov 2014 18:10, "Adora Model Agency" wrote: Hi Why did you attend today and call us a scam ? Regards Anthony Quoting BS : Hi there I certainly did not call you a scam, I said that during my interviewwith Models Venue I'd been asked for money for a portfolio and they told meAdora charge £7000 for a portfolio. My feeling on modelling is that if Iam good enough there will be no cost to me; this is a digital age andpaperwork is a thing of the past. I brought my boyfriend who is of highstanding in a multinational financial firm in the city to ensure thatafter my Models Venue meeting I would not be pushed into spending money whenlet's face it, you can spot a Gisele or a Kate Moss worth investing INthe second you meet them. Some of my photos are great and some not so much.This is to be expected. To be savvy and cautious in this industry shouldnot be perceived as indicating your agency is a scam. It was not myintention to offend, but to scrutinise as any educated female should. Ihad every intention of purchasing several photographs from you followingtoday's shoot however if this accusatory and frankly bizarre customerservice is the norm for you then I'd rather take my business elsewhere.Yours, without prejudice BS . From: admin@***.comDate:02/11/2014 11:41 (GMT+00:00)To: BS Quoting BS :Cc:Subject: Re: Very important HI Models venue is a HUGE scam. Regards AnthonyQuoting BS : Hello (again)! Yes I figured models Venue was a huge scam, I am a highly professionalperson with a wealth of experience in business development and sales. Iwork full time as a Project Manager and do not have the blinkers of adesperate, naive talentless model. I feel I must repeat: I asked AdoraModels savvy questions during the interview that anyone experienced inSales would ask. I am utterly intrigued as to why you persist in pursuingthis; my only conclusion being that Adora itself is a fledgling company andyou are in some way afraid of negative press? Some of the pictures were OKand some weren't - like every test shoot. I would have bought some wereout not for this bizarre interchange from "Anthony", ironically, the onewho cares the most is the one I did not meet!As ever, with (increasingly bemused) respect,BS Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. On 2 Nov 2014 17:10, wrote: Hi You claim to be experienced in sales and business development so why didyou fall for a 50 deposit , model platform scam ? Regards Anthony Quoting BS : Who the *** exactly are you? I didn't pay a penny for anything and you areobviously some kind of weirdo so kindly stop emailing me. On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 6:43 AM, wrote: HI Please do not call me weird. The only weird one is you mentioning Kate Moss and Gisele in the same sentence as your model carrear. Further more it is just as weird that you are talking about business development and sales like you are a business guru after being scammed by the most foolish scam known in the industry. We have declined your application so please find another agency. Good luck Anthony Quoting BS : 1:56 PM (4 minutes ago) to Adora Anthony; It is now with no more than for my own amusement in which I respond. I was invited for a test shoot With Adora Model Management and brought my boyfriend, having experienced Models Venue trying to scam me no more than 3 hours prior to the test shoot. Due to us both being professional people I felt that between us I could be confident that the same situation would not arise again. Once bitten, twice shy as they say. His presence most certainly did seem to cause a bit of a stir with your staff though! I defined my reasoning to you in two E-mails in what I believe was comprehensive articulation, I reasserted that I did not feel Adora Model Management was a scam; yet you persisted in contacting me with short E-mails of inexplicable necessity. For clarity: 1) I was asked by you to come to a test shoot with Adora and an interview which I did. The word 'scam' did not leave my lips during the interview; I asked questions that had arisen from my previous appointment with Models Venue, the nature of which were primarily whether Adora were going to ask me for a lot of money for photographs with no guarantee of work afterwards. 2) Your assertion that I am "The Weird One" (which frankly is the least professional thing I've ever read) because I mentioned famous models, as if I thought myself to be of that calibre; is misguided. What I meant was, had some beautiful, incredibly photogenic, 'perfect' person walked through your door (like Kate Moss), the question of me paying for my portfolio would not arise as your staff would recognise an asset to their organisation when they saw one, ergo, they would invest in, not advise me to pay for my portfolio. I understand the importance of a portfolio if a model is treading water in an incredibly competitive market however I did mention how strange I found it that in this digital age, photographs cannot be sent (for free) by E-mail to your prospective clients. Perhaps this was a rookie question - I did make it clear that I was completely new to the sector. 3) Regardless of your opinion as to my professional background; I was sent an E-mail by Models Venue asking me to come to an interview. I was not asked to pay £50 to attend this meeting - Models Venue have not received any money from me. Generally speaking, an interview is a non-suspicious stage in recruitment for any organisation. I attended and upon recognising a 'sales pitch' when I saw one, I declined to give them any money and left the building respectfully, not before they took the opportunity to tell me that Adora Model Management can charge up to £7k for a portfolio. I was therefore left in an, 'He said - She said' situation which I tried to clarify during my interview with yourselves. I can tell from your E-mails that English is perhaps your second language or that you are so incensed something negative may have been said about your organisation that you may have contacted me (repeatedly and without checking the quality of your correspondence) in anger, despite receiving an unchanging, respectful response from myself (aside from my provoked response to your email of 2 Nov 2014 17:10). In reality, your contact almost constitutes harassment. However, I will forgive your unkind words about my suitability as a model and thank you for reminding me why I work in the sectors that I do, rather than in yours. What I cannot guarantee is that I will not circulate this entire thread to Media / Social Media as frankly I think it is in the public interest to know what on earth they may potentially come up against when doing no more than testing the waters of the modelling world. For this reason I would suggest you have no further contact with me. I am thankful that I am a resilient, confident woman and not a hopeful, sensitive seventeen year old girl on the receiving end of your behaviour. Yours with absolutely no respect whatsoever; BS admin@***.com2:02 PM (6 minutes ago) to me HI It was you that claimed I was weird hence I pointed out it was you acting weird not me. To be blunt your report from the photographer has summed up your personality perfect and we do not care to work with you or have any involvement with you at all. Please do not threaten me with spreading lies to the media it is not only childish but pathetic. Good luck Anthony Quoting BS : 2:08 PM (0 minutes ago) to Adora Sir - it would be a threat of 'lies' were it not for the ridiculously transparent audit trail you have left through these E-mails. As things stand, my right to disseminate this information to whomever I choose is just that - my right and I now intend to exercise it. I am in complete concurrence. Further communication is not required. admin@***.com2:17 PM (12 minutes ago) to me Hi I will pass this over to our CEO Nicola and you can deal with her.We are in fact writing a blog on how declined and sometime failed models turn angry on the agency when things do not turn out for them as planed. Would you like to take part in that ? The images you applied to join the agency with who done them ? Models venue ? Kind Regards Anthony Quoting BS : to Adora I think passing me on to your CEO would have been a good move about five E-mails ago Anthony.Particularly as I have the E-mail from Adora saying "only successful models are offered the opportunity to buy their photographs" and my partner witnessed you trying to sell me mine (in fact, he even considered buying me one or two as a surprise!) - Surely that meant I was successful? admin@***.com2:37 PM (3 minutes ago) to me Hi I have never met you never mind tried to sell you something.So the images you applied with which studio done them ? Models venue ? I am trying to build up a picture of the scenario here. What are you doing for a living now ? What is your actual job ? Regards Anthony Quoting BS : 2:50 PM (9 minutes ago) to Adora Hi Anthony Why don't you have your CEO, Nicola E-mail me. You clearly have a bit of an inability to build up an idea of a situation following the mails I have sent. I don't really know how to make things any more plain. 1) It was NOT Models Venue who took my photos and I will not disclose who did to you2) I am not prepared to disclose what I do for a living to you either3) Frankly, I'm beginning to worry for my safety following the unhinged responses I am receiving from you. I have already asked that you do not E-mail me again. To do so again now WILL now constitute harassment.

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