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Adobe has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 432 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 16th position out of 1129 companies.


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Overcharging & lack of capacity to contact someone by phone

DonIve been continuously charged for a trial service for over 12 months. I find there is no record of an account against this monthly subscription but now being asked for payment card details where I feel I might be scammed.


Billing issue

Hi team I was charged for yearly where I canceled the subscription on or before the due date. I can say this is purely a scam to try free trials in adobe


Suspicious email

I got an email from mail@*** saying that were glad you joined but I did not join. Is this a legit email?


I was charge twice for my dated July 7,2023 and another one dated July 23,2023

Please look.into my account subscription because i was charge twice once dated July 7 or 10,2023 and another one July 23,2023. with both PHP 1049.00 each, and may I know when will my subscription ends? We are in Manila ,Philippines.and I dont know if there is a customer support care number here in our country. I expect thet you will take action.on this.matter. Thank you.


No help

I had to get a login code just to call and cancel my seven day free trial rather than just calling. All want to so is cancel


Payment:I would give you my credit card # but this is public. I wish it was as easy as that!

since moving to frederick Md.I have been having trouble with losing my credit card. New cards #'s are very hard to communicate to you, and it seems that telephoning is out of the question. Please send me instructions on how to send to you private info.I am not a "tecki", and in fact was born long before everything became so technical. Please send me the easiest way to contact you with questions about my account and to be able to send you what you need. Thanks, Louise PS, I marked the box as having read the "terms of service" but I don't see any!


Wrong deductions from my bank account

There is something wrong going with my account and extra charges are deducted from my account. Please reach out to me as soon as possible. Phone number is +125********


Issues with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe turning pics into BUN files. Can't talk to anyone at Adobe,vthen had to buy something to speak to someone!! Such bs!! If you put something on my computer I shouldn't have to pay for technical support and spend $ and hrs trying to talk to someone!!!


Excellent service. I appreciated the assistance

Helped me reestablished my Lightroom and photoshop on my new computer. Its perfect again. I appreciate the patience walking through the procedure.



Hello Im here to ask about refund after renewal, Recently got billed for my renewal even tho I barely even use the service now a day. Can I still can a refund in the 14 days after my renewal bill? Or is this nonrefundable?


Help with a technical issue on a file

I called twice in the past 5 days for 2 different situations. The first call I made was for a document that I could not edit. The sale tech did help me and we fixed it. Only issue with him was he was very hard to understand. So it did become somewhat frustrating at first but issue was resolved. The second call made this week was to understand how to split a document that was already signed and I was not able to split so I called for help. Very difficult to get on the phone with the right person because there were no prompts that offered my concern for a tech support. Finally spoke with someone and she was absolutely no help. I still have not been able to resolve the issue. YES, I am a PISSED consumer.


Lightroom refund

I dont want the Lightroom subscription because by mistake I requested that but I dont want thats why I m liable to collect my refund from you Please refund my subscription amount of Rs 1699 Thank you Mahesh


Resolved: Payment

Updated by user Jun 15, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Jun 15, 2023
Payment is deducted what my plan is not on ... ///*****-----+++--**-+++--+++++++----+।,।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।


I didn’t speak to anyone.

Received a code, hit the Call button and the survey popped up. Poorly designed chat / phone option. Not exactly sure what it was designed to provide.


Printing from email

Still pissed off Without the proper i password, you do not have permission to print this document. Enter the password to unlock printing. ik and on what invalidate some or of the Password no longer hai insurance erriticar Cancel OK


Issue with the cost and billing discrepancy.

The customer service agent gave me more than what I expected. He was able to give me the assistance I needed. The customer service agent provided me with affordability and links to help with Photoshop. I am indeed pleased with the outcome.

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