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Actblue has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 446 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 15th position out of 1129 companies.


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You took $22 which I had not approved.

To end 1. You took $22 which I had not approved. 2. You keep taking $7.50 a month which was supposed to end with last Novembers election. 3. I would like to end all current donations until this is straightened out. B Jerome Wheeler (816) 806 **** Bjeromewheeler@***.com



It took 3 days to show up in bank account, but they responded back in 12 business hours! Happy it got resolved!


Erroneous or fraudulent $20 charge to my Amex a/c ending in # 1006

Erroneous or fraudulent $20 charge to my Amex A/C ending in # 1006. Refund/Credit at once! Very disturbed and disappointed.


Misuse of my PayPal

Account was used 4 times in one day, and recurring donations were NOT approved. I want ALL recurring donations to STOP!!! I want to know when I am donating!! I'm furious about these charges but this time I will not challenge them. If there is another mixup like this, I'm finished donating!


I would like to talk to a human being concerning a donation

I would like to talk to a *** human being concerning a donation I made. How *** hard is that? I have been disconnected now six different times from the chat. Im a disabled senior citizen that has a hard time with my phone, is there a *** human that can *** call me I will never make a *** donation again!



Was the payment from me to NAACP made. I need to know yes or no. Thanks! I was online to The NAACP who was looking for a payment Membership with them.


Because payment never went to DCCC 1/30/23

I dont know what your company is doing with my money.Am a 70 year old senior. You promised me on 1/30/23 that you would take care oh this problem. Had paid a total of $40.00 dollars but your company stated that one didnt go through so I told them to return my $20.00 and take the $10.00 for my renewal of my DCCC. You sent me the card with Joe Biden picture 2023 Member and a card with Elect State DEMS. DLCC with a Star with red, white and blue stripes.



Bank statement says I paid $60 to DSCC on 05/14. I am sure that is a mistake. I only donate $10 at a time. I want a refund. If not I will not use ActBlue anymore


No one responded to me on the phone

I have unauthorized charges with ActBlue and am quite distressed. When no one answered the phone I did write an email


To stop my contribution, am not working right now, don’t have any job for now

Dont have a job right now and I dont need to start typing words because I want to stop my contributions, I didnt type and word to do my contribution


Issue with my Actblue Account

Original review Mar 25, 2023
I've had a logon to Actblue for many years. 3 years ago I volunteered as the treasurer of a local Democratic Committee. When setting up access to Actblue for the Committee the 2 accounts seemed to have merged. Not terrible but annoying. Now I have completed my term I seem to be unable to separate the accounts. Any time I want to track personal donations they get jumbled up with the Committee donations. I also don't feel its appropriate that I can still see donations made to the Committee. I couldn't find anyway to actually take to an actual person - hence this email. What can I do to separate the 2 accounts?


Refunding of donation

There was an erroneous dollar amount donation. ActBlue was prompt to answer my request for a refund. The refund was completed within a five day turn-around. I appreciate the service. Rosalinda Ybarra


How do I cancel monthly donation?

I cannot pay right now. Will reinstate at later date. Cannot get through in any way due to personal hardship.


Impossible to get correct info to simply change CC info.

All of my contributions for the last 3 weeks have been declined because the card was scammed. I would think your company would have seen this and contacted me about it. Have tried numerous time to change CC info via your site and keep being sent down a rabbit hole and not finding info to simply delete the cancelled card and replace it. Awful!!!


Incorrect donation amount

I sought to donate $3,00 dollars, three dollars, but mine visa credit card declined the $300 amount that act blue sent to Chase Bank. I logged in at your website, filled out your requested information. When hitting the submit button, it did not forward my message. If act blue in the future does this again, I will never donate through your organization. This is not a threat but a fact. Look at my donation history. I am retired, 80 years of age, on a fixed income. Best regards, Fredric Gary Antenberg, 410-302-****.



idonateon august4th for60.00dollars and they took600.00 hundred dollars for a tip one of your employees did this i dont mind the donation but i m worryedabout the600.00dolars please look into this matter thanks

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