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Accredo has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 345 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 10th position out of 351 companies.


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Nothing but a barrier to care

let's start with: I didn't choose accredo, they are owned by Express scripts, who are also lousy, and assigned by the insurance company. Dr prescribed bevacizumab 451mg brand name avastin, biosimilar name mvasi. This drug is a primary tumor blocker, not some luxury item for my cruise. 500mg was approved BUT some cretin (or genius in accounting) approved 1 x 400mg and 4 x 100mg making which vial very specific. Then OOPS, only 1 x 100 was "ok to ship". Next call will be to an attorney. I hope I live long enough to sue them personally.


Dire incompetence resulting in missed doses

Original review Jul 27, 2023
Accredo should NOT be in control of such important medication. A nightmare every month to get my specialty medication. First month went smoothly, miraculously. I was sent the brand name (and for free because copay-assistance picked up the bill!). Well, it took me a full calendar month to order my next box resulting in weeks of missed doses. I was fully in tears numerous times throughout the month. Now, next month, new problem. Says I can't order because I owe $220 for the last month of medicine (huh?). Spent 45 minutes on the phone with someone, while they applied the proper copay assistance and cleared the balance. I go in to order my medicine, and BAM! it's asking for $120 to order next month's supply (minimum payment $70), so had to call them AGAIN. And of course most people who answer the phones don't understand English well enough to understand the problems, and they are not authorized to do anything important. They just read you canned responses from a script, which is useless and infuriating. ***** TLDR I hate Accredo with every fiber of my being. The stress of dealing with these people is causing my MS to flare and I'm actually missing doses. Why aren't they being held accountable??? Little or no coordination between the pharmacy and insurance companies results in a horrifying (and sometimes literally DANGEROUS) experience for patients. They should be shut down and should never be in charge with handling such sensitive medication. Oh, I asked Cigna if I could use another specialty pharmacy, and their answer was "no," so I guess I'm screwed.


Shockingly poor customer service

This company ignores and stonewalls customers and never resolves issues. I've called dozens of times to resolve a co-pay issue and go around in circles with the call center drones and get nowhere. They refuse to provide a supervisor, an email, or phone number for a supervisor, or even the name of one. This mess is forced on us by our insurance company but if you have a choice, avoid!


This company is a Scam

Try to sell me a prescription For $2268.00 and I paid $358.00 from a reputable company they also told me if I wanted to pay cash that would be 7 to 10 days before that could happen


As fraudulent as they come!

Accredo has been involved in lawsuits in the past. Just look them up. This pharmacy will take thousands of dollars in copay assistance, then collude with the insutance company that you have so that the insurance company can save money by paying out less and then Accredo will make extra money off your copay assistance! If you aren't aware of it, get into your EOB's, start looking at what they are doing. Many, many people have copay assistance and they're getting screwed! Think of it as going out to dinner and getting the $400 bill and giving them a $200 gift card for it and then they come back at you and tell you "hey, thanks for that gift card, we've taken it, but we also want you to go ahead and pay that $200 as well so we can have both!" This is double dipping and should be against the law! Accredo has been threatening on their phone calls with me, cryptic and absolutely unprefessional. I never had any issues using Walgreens specialty pharmacy, but these people take the cake. Each and every bill I have gotten from them, I ask them where they used the thousands of dollars my drug company paid to them because my insurance company won't even give me the detailed info of how everything was applied. If you are on an expensive drug and you think you're getting copay assistance, think again!!! Go to your insurance, demand EOBs and then demand answers from Accredo. They are colluding with the insurance companies to make more money! After trying to get answers and getting nothing but lies from Accredo and their people, telling me "fight the insurance company, they made us do it this way!" and "the insurance company is dirty and at fault, we hate that this is happening and we have to do things this way!" I finally decided to get in contact with higher up's at the insurance company, as well as the state insurance board. Run from Accredo! My guess is that people are mad about how things are being handled here from how they fill prescriptions to how they bill and collude with insurance. I can't be the only one!


Resolved: Worst pharmacy

Updated by user Jun 05, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user Jun 05, 2023
Update - finally spoke to a native-English speaking pharmacist and pharmacy tech that were able to help me.

Original review May 05, 2023
ZERO STARS Good luck trying to get your prescription filled! This pharmacy is unable to process any of my prescriptions. The call center is filled with non-native English speakers that read from a script and never deviate. They are difficult to understand and do not provide assistance, just snarky remarks when they see on your account that you have called them everyday for a week trying to get your prescription filled. They never return your calls or give you vital shipping updates. You have to call them. For them to flat out lie to you, give you an excuse to 1) get your doctor to change your prescription 2) or its the insurance's fault. They very easily endanger my life and don't care. They've hung up on me. Poor, poor, poor customer service. Stay away!!



Inaccurate statement, 45 min on the phone with a billing representative who didn't know what she was doing. Payments we made, but not showing up on this statement? Then they're happy to send me a summary of all of my charges and 10 to 14 business days. Wishing I had another option for pharmacy, but Regence Blue Shield apparently is fine with putting their foot on my neck with these people. They must be getting a great kickback!!


I have been fighting to get my script filled.

In January of this year I got a script for Rinvoq. My primary insurance denied my claim. I wet to get it filled on a navy airstation, but they don't carry it and referred my to accredo a tricare express script specialty pharmacy. I had no problem to get the medication approved through tricare. I have a approval number but yet they seemed to have a problem with sending me my meds. If you call you get the big run around. I'm at my wits end with them.


Absolutely worst pharmacy ever

I have called 10 different times and never told the same thing twice. Representatives were rude and unprofessional.



WORST Specialty PHARMACY E-V-E-R! TOTAL INCOMPETENCE! THEY voided my live prescription by mistake. Then, Tashana S. (supervisor x-212182) told me, Too bad, you have to get your doctor to send us a new prescription. She couldn't undo THEIR OWN MISTAKE! I am out of my medication & got NO HELP whatsoever from Accredo. If you don't want to deal with horrible, argumentative customer service, STAY AWAY FROM Accredo Specialty Pharmacy. PLEASE DON'T TRUST THEM WITH YOUR MEDICATIONS!!


This company is a joke

I have chronic knee pain I have been using suparz fx. My insurance company approved it. Why this so called pharmacy didn't understand. A month went by, yes a month and they still haven't filled my prescription. I called the insurance company after 2 hours on the phone 3 way call Accredo didn't want to fill it without the prescriber on the phone??? It was being rejected because they wasn't putting in the correct dosage amount do it was bring rejected because of the error they made. After the insurance company told them how to run it and they will override it to out it through, they refused! I called my doctors office to have my script pulled to go elsewhere. These injections are 300-600 per injection I guess they didn't want that money. I "DON'T RECOMMEND " anyone use them if you are in pain and need your medicine because you will be waiting months for them to get it right. By this time I wouldn't trust they send the right anything out I don't know what they would have my doctor putting in my knee. I DON'T TRUST THEM AT ALL. if I couldn't given zero stars I would have given them that 0 !



Its currently March and have been fighting with them on a perscription since Christmas. Feel bad for anyone that has to deal with them, they are an absolute nightmare!!!


Perpetual Liars

Accredo promised to send my chemo medication on numerous occasions for the past three months, never sent it. I have cancer and I need this medicine to survive. Nobody in this organization cares. Last time I spoke to someone, the supervisor hung up on me. This business should be shut down.


Getting Rxs and refills shouldn't have to be this difficult

Gp This summer, my nephrologist called in a new Rx for a med to help increase red blood cell count. After weeks of not receiving the Rx, I called Accredo. For the next 2 MONTHS they jerked me around. First, they claimed they needed authorization from my doctor, who had already provided the authorization and justification. Then, without explanation, Accredo informed me that CVS specifically pharmacy needed to fill the Rx! Huh?? Then when I contacted CVS, they told me Accredo was handling it. Then Accredo needed more justification, etc. Long story short it took approximately 4 months until I finally got the Rx. In November, my doctor doubled the Rx dosage. Now I'm going thru all the same BS again. Who knows when this will get resolved. Another annoying thing about Accredo, is you must speak to a representative prior to getting a refill. So the process is, you get daily robo calls from them until you pick up the phone and start answering their programmed questions After this process, you get transferred to a representative who has no idea what is going on; you need to explain it to them. Then they repeatedly ask the same questions you just responded to in the automated system. Once they get their bearings,it's only about another 10 minutes on the phone, for a total time on phone of about 20 minutes. Not the most efficient operation. I've pleaded with the reps to just put me on auto refill, but apparently that is not an option. So several times/month, I must go thru this annoying process. What a waste of time!


Accredo App doesn't let us order through App

Accredo is an Incompetent pharmacy. I have to call every time for my wife's chemotherapy drugs because the app never lets me order. When we first used Accredo the app worked a few times then stopped working. Not only is this a hassle but a life threatening issue. I have asked them to fix the problem being unable to order through the app but their IT Techs are incompetent. I have escalated it to a complaint with Management yet to this day it has not been fixed. It has Been 3 years without them fixing it. 3 YEARS! Need to order by the 15th so I get the drugs by 18th yet app always says to call. Constantly getting daily automated phone calls to order 2 weeks before they will allow me to order. Unnecessarily fills up our voicemail box. Calling is a whole other issue. Staff is not trained and rude. Takes 30 minutes on a phone call to get an order placed. If I was able to order through the app it would take 1 minute. Our insurance has been the same, never changed and chemo drugs fully covered. Yet the billing department is inept and incompetent and sent us a bill for several months. After many complaints they apologized for their error. Every month the bill gets lower and lower as they figure out what they messed up but still have a small bill monthly that should not be there as the chemo drug is and has always been fully covered. Incompetent pharmacy. Our insurance makes us use Accredo so we have no choice. Use another pharmacy if you can. Avoid at all costs!


Perfectly awful

Updated by user Nov 12, 2022
Accredo has never reached out to make things right or resolve the issue. I had one other rx with them that was scheduled to be delivered to my doc this week and I started getting the same round of automated messages about “needing more info”. I made one call and they...

Original review Oct 13, 2022
It took two weeks to get my first round of Humira shipped after the prior authorization was received. I received multiple automated calls during that time about issues with my copay card which turned out to be fine the issue was no one attempted to run it, my insurance auth was not on file which also turned out to be untrue and finally there was was some sort of internal hang up not related to me but I still got a call and got to sit on hold for 40 mins while they figured it out. I spent many hours (no joke) talking to this person and that person and finally got it all taken care of but not without them generating a duplicate invoice for $4,000 which was another call and more lost time and a follow up call to have it removed. I hoped the next round a few weeks later would go better, but it didn't. Per the patient portal, my shipment was being prepared, and I thought okay we are on track but then it suddenly disappeared. No phone call or notification just poof! I start calling immediately because my next injection was due but a week later and multiple calls no one could figure out what happened. Each and every time I called I received a different answer. They said there was no prior authorization on file. Not true! The doc has not responded. Also, not true, they never contacted the office and when they did (after several of my phone calls) they had them chasing another prior authorization for something they already had. I contacted my insurance and found out they never even attempted to process a claim for the shipment that was supposedly being prepared that disappeared from the system. There was no contact regarding anything. Not to me, my insurance or my doctors office. Again just poof! Yesterday, I spent an hour and half on the phone with the rep for the last and final time. I was on hold and the call dropped, so I called back and spoke to someone that read the notes in my account that said if the lady calls back to tell her we can't verify her order is being processed. Nothing else. then the rep tells me that the issue is that they need a prior authorization for the pre-filled syringe vs the auto-inject pen. I immediately called my insurance, and confirmed that my authorization was good for both. I also asked for a better pharmacy because this was not working for me. After a ton of wasted time and mounds of frustration, I simply asked my doc to send my Rx to a pharmacy down the street, and it was filled within a day. They communicated every step of the way and even reached out to the manufacturer when the co-pay card would not go through. Everything was resolved in less than 24 hrs. What is wrong with Accredo I have no idea! People are nice enough, but the trouble and stress that I went through was totally ridiculous. What's worse is that someone even told me that my drug was being shipped and if I believed them I would still be sitting here holding my breath a week later. If your insurance requires you to use them beg for an exception! Awful, awful, awful. Thanks for flare Accredo!

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