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Accenture has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 82 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 13th position out of 763 companies.


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No receive conformation mail

I applied to Accenture it shown successfully register but i didn't get any mail Or message can you please help me out


Regarding documents submission

Hii Actually i got mail to reupload my pan card with visible edges but im unable to upload my pan card so i raised a ticket and uploaded there but after few hours again got mail to reupload, actually in 3rd task pan card upload is there but for me in the first task it is showing notification to upload pan card


Deletion of database from accenture

I want to update my profile but theres no option for that so I want to delete my account from their database.


I'm unable to login into Accenture account if I...

I'm unable to login into Accenture account if I click on forget password OTP is not receiving to my mail


Regarding the code for smart interview

I've applied for Accenture recently on 19th June. It's showing like would like to forward with my profile but asking me to take smart interview but I've lost the code for smart interview. Can I get the code again.


I just want to know login my Cid number , i can't...

I just want to know login my Cid number , i can't able to login to my profile, if I login t will show some error like information alredy in Accenture protal.


Update email

Customer care service is very bad I have submitted my application but in database of Accenture my mail id got registered wrong as bsuraj2610@***.com. But it's bsuraj2611@***.com please I want to update this my pan no is FAMPB2515A


Regarding Not Getting Document Verification Mail

My name is Hanshit Kumar. I received the LOI from Accenture and I accepted it, but did not got the document verifications tasks. I reached previously regarding the same issue but no resolution was provided. Now I have received a mail saying my candidature is canceled as I was not able to complete the verification process, which I never got verification mail. I have attached the screenshots as well of the task I received. Kindly provide any solution for this issue. Regards Hanshit Kumar 989687****


For my offer letter

Hello good afternoon mam I m Akansha Gupta from Agra I have applied for work from home which was to start from 8 march company asked me to transfer 6000,rupee I have transferred to there a/c, but I haven't received the parcel yet till now reply everyday I have the same thing somewhere caste today I will get the parcel, but I have not received it till now


Issue in applying new application

I had applied for job in November 2022, 90 days are over candidate id is C735****. I want to apply for new job now, but i am not able to apply for the job because it's showing your resume is already in the database, i want to apply for new job or atleast update my resume and details, please help what should i do. Or delete the above mentioned cid application so i can apply for new


Hi, I am Rahul, Accenture's ex-employee. I have...

Hi, I am Rahul, Accenture's ex-employee. I have an issue regarding my PF.In that my joining and exit dates are not mentioned which is the reason I can't withdraw pf amount. Please help.


For activating the Accenture id

I have not received my laptop on time and my Accenture id is not activated and my computer has not come at home with enough tools please do it as quickly as possible I am waiting for my laptop to come to my home


Regarding Offer letter acceptance-URGENT

Hi this is spandana from Banglore. I got selected as application developer I was accepted the ol but I didn't get any response from support. So please help me out now unable to apply for new job also . So please help me regarding this immediately. Thank you


Employee issue

Fix your God damn help numbers. Its freaking ridiculous. It answers with silence...then hangs up on me. What a professional outfit can't even get your help line correct. Could you please hire a professional to do this...omg!


Complain of your fraud employee

To, HR/Head Accenture Company Noida. Subject - COMPLAIN FOR A FRAUD EMPLOYEE ISRAR KHAN. Hello, Sir/Madam, I want to report one Accenture employee Israr Khan who is criminal in Fake Experience user white top,and taking package of lakhs in your company from almost 1 year he was not in office job for long time(about 6 years) but Presenting himself as a regular employee, he managed to get through salary slips and all background verification with the help of photoshop and money. Even he has shown himself as regular employee he has given mail and contact number of previous company to your company that mail and number is created and generated by himself and I believe that on his company mobile number you have He would not have confirmed even by calling, he has also cheated in freelancing work, due to which he was banned by freelancing. I am surprised that a normal candidate can cheat a big company like Accenture and its HR so easily. Such employee should be completely terminated from the job and also recover the back wages paid so that other fraudsters get a lesson and admonition.The risks and consequences of such employee frauds are massive. Employees hold the key to your business. Using your login, they can create chaos by deleting important files, ruining customer relationships and ultimately putting your organization out of business. Every process, especially those involving money, must have checks and balances to detect and prevent fraud. By proactively identifying fraud, you will be in a better position as a company. Thanks. Your Well-Wisher Anjali


I have a query to ask

Sir I have written my last assessment on Accenture before 9months and now I'm registered on Accenture but it take my details and they message me u can't meet our eligibility criteria I can't understand what's the problem sir can u pls respond it Thanking you sir

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