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Acai Berry has a 0-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 201 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 13th position out of 315 companies.


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Acai berry

i ordered the trial product for 3.99 gave them credit card they took 43.00 off my card right away tried to cancel but could not the day after i got the pills they took 199.00 or tried to out of my account i sent the pills back unopened now they have their pills and my money the 800# that they gave no one ever answers it i have emailed them the last email i got from them was ^*(%#@^##%@)best regards now what was that meant to be can you think of how much money they have from all the poeple they stole from


Dr. Oz recommends African Mango & Cleanse

Shame on Dr. Oz of Channel 3. He has put his name on a product that is very probably bogus. OK - maybe the African Mango does work - but why does it have to be connected with the cleanse? I was told it was $4.95 but was charged $39.95. This smacks of the Acai Berry capsules which don't help you lose weight at all. Shame on you, Dr. Oz for endorsing a product that doesn't work (Doctors in the USA say it doesn't). Shouldn't you look into this matter before signing your name to something like this? I am angry at being charged more than they said!


Acai Cleanse/Reduce

I ordered the free trial and then found your page. Called my bank and they showed this company trying to charge me $199.00! My bank stopped payment and now I have to change my account. They almost got me. Thank You sooo much for your info. Hopefully this saved me ALOT of trouble. They did not even use the name I ordered it under. Something like ATA Your Health or something. BEWARE! Someone needs to do something about these people. I got the add on facebook from a friend. Thank You soo much! I am one very pissed person!


Acai berries made me so ill

I also have been scammed by this free trial, just postage and packing to pay.Not only that, they made me so ill I lost three weeks wages and ended up having to go to the hospital for investigations. I was fine before I took these acai berries if that is what they were, I too am having to try and get almost £150. back which they have scammed off my credit card, I am so furious that people like this get away with stealing peoples money and putting peoples health at risk, I have had to go to the financial ombudsman to help me get some justice over this, beware anybody who is thinking about trying these.


They ripped me off

I ordered a 15day free trial for the shipping cost only of NZ$13.61 from Acai Berry Select, then immediately found they had debited my card for the full amount of $142.30. TOO late to cancel. Their advertising is a complete fraudulent scam. Testimonials ALL false and updated daily with the same comments. You are NOT reading a genuine magazine article. See the two pages at the end, which explains exactly what they do to *** you, and exactly what happened to me. I shall never again purchase from the US using my credit card, in fact, I have cancelled it so they cannot take anymore unauthorised funds. I had to make two international calls from New Zealand. The first number belonged to a credit card company who had no record of my transaction, but gave me another number to ring...the Healthy Buy number. On complaining to this number, I was simply told to return the goods, loose my shipping costs, pay the return shipping (tracked, of course, otherwise they could say that it hadn't been received), then I might get a refund of just the goods. DO NOT buy from any of these companies listed under They are dishonest, unethical and fraudulent. When I stated I would inform the FDA, the operator laughed and said that they had better things to do than worry about them!


Don't buy from CleanseAware...they're crooks

I fell victim to the same nonsense. My $6.95 "free" trial turned into a $99.95 additional charge. I called and got the same should have read the "small print" It must have been very small because I looked for that. I got a receipt for $6.95, but mysteriously, I did not get a receipt for $99.95. I am going to file with the consumer complaint of everyone I can find and the BBB (they really have no teeth). Stay away from this company. I canceled my credit card to keep them from trying to make another charge.


Acai berry detox has ripped me off!!!

Order 2 bottles of acai berry detox dec.2009.was a free trial.i never opened them & then noticed on bank statement they had chgd me $86.42 & $79.62!!they were supposed 2 b 2 diff types,but they were the same.i called.she said u had 17 days 2 try it b4 u would be chrgd.apparently it was in microscopic print.she said if i returned them 2their office by jan 9/2010 i could get the refund.sent it bk...never got either refund!sent numerous letters.still nothing.not sure what else to do.


Sent a free trial that cost me $150.00 between the acai berry & the colon clense.

I am more than pissed I'm livid. What was suppose to be a free trial cost me 150.00. I called them they said if you had read the terms you would have seen that you were to cancell your account in two weeks if you were unsatisified. I never even seen the terms, you should even be allowed to go through the ordering process untill you put your little check mark on the terms, or better yet put it in big bold letters so a person could see it. If they really were a reputable company they wouldn't try and hide these things. The real kicker is I haven't even tried these products yet, but from all the complaints I'm seeing I'm am more than positive that it doesn't work. Live & learn from your mistakes. Happy New Year!


Acai Berry Diet Pills

I ordered this Acai Berry Diet offer 3 months ago from that fake website, showing a fake "Julie Miller" from the Ch. 5 or Ch. 6 fake "news" report. They never even sent my shipment, and the number to cancel is not even working anymore, and my credit card HAS been charged. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! They give the amazing Acai Berry fruit a bad name. I'm sure there are legit Acai Berry supplement pills out there, I just don't know of any yet. I regulary just drink the Acai Berry juice from Genesis, that stuff is the best! They sell it at Walmart. I just don't feel it helps me lose weight, but it does boost your immune, energy & makes you feel "full", naturally.


Channel 5 health news is not. "Advertorial" indeed! Bullpucky!

I signed up for weather news and got channel 5 and absolutely and stupidly missed the stuff around the site as I was looking for weather. I started to read the "advertorial"(a label I missed at the very top of the web page) and as soon as they mentioned brand names in a "report" I knew it was a hoax. I tried clicking on other categories listed at the top of the web page: government, sports, business, etc., and nothing happened; I was still stuck on the acai full blown advertisement. The whole thing is a scam and is probably dangerous. When will America wake up and realize that this kind of stuff is an absolute rip off. Our educational system is failing us. It used to teach critical thinking and there were courses which included intelligent consumption and how to recognize false advertising and the difference between journalism and adverjournalism. Please make the presence of your website more well known. This is what we need to read, not the garbage which teases us and entices us like a cheap ***. We do not need to be wasting our money on being screwed over. Chuck Weller, Brookings, Oregon


Vulture...this is a real huge scam

They took $96.17 from my credit card for nothing!!! after several calls of arguing and begging them to return my money & ill just return the product, they still manage to steal!!! what a VULTURE!!! Please be aware of this people!!! dont be fooled with this thieves, no heart at all. how can you sleep at night? or you don't at all!?! evil spirit................stop doing this unfair things for your own sake. repent!!! How can you still do this after all the comments...where is your heart??? try to think of better ways to earn money in a decent way


Free trial offers end up costing you big time

Free trial offer ends up costing you big time...I had to cancel my credit card when I found that the free acai berry trial offer was a scam...they charged my credit card for the free products within a week of receiving them. I have since found many sites posting complaints about this company and how it does business. I recommend that you think twice about doing business with this company at all. Protect yourself from future charges and cancel your credit card asap. Take it from me a someone who will be more careful in the future oO


I was taken by these scammers to

They should have to put everything up front. They hide it all in there mumble jumble at the bottom. I also had to cancel my card. I called and tried to cancel before and they kept telling me they didn't have any record of me ordering anything. What a bunch of bull.I Wanted them to give me the name of the company that would be making the charges and they wouldn't. That's when I knew I had done something really dumb. These people had my credit card # and Could charge to it under any name. I had no way of stopping them until they had already made the charges. BEWARE


Acai Optimum and Colon Cleanser

This is a scam. They tell you that you have a certain date by which your "free" trial will expire but when you contact them, they say that the period has elapsed. Additonally, the promised "easy" weight loss is all bogus. Eat less and exercise will give you the same (if not better results). I hope these guys can sleep at night--if not they will probably just repackage their pills as "Helpful Sleep Aids" STAY AWAY FROM THESE MISCREANTS!!! They are not reputable nor reliable. I have registered a complaint through the BBB (Better Business Bureau) of Southeast Florida and the Caribean but this organization has not yet responded--no surprise there!!


Charge a registration fee when you only want to "access" the site! RIP OFF!!

I am so ripped off and pissed off at this - same company as Acai Berry, got me twice!! At least I was able to get my money back on the Acai Berry/Colon Cleanse. All I can say is unbelievable, if anyone did get their money back I would love to hear how they did it. $150 could go to a lot better use if you know what I mean, I work hard for my money and really don't trust too many internet sites due to this, a shame for those that are credible. Hope to hear more about Swipe Bids getting shafted back! cheers.


Acai Berry - don't order it!

I too fell victim to this Acai Berry scam. It has taken me five days and over 8 frantic calls to get this finally under control. I have learned that absolutely nothing is free in this world. I have had to lose time at work to make all these phone calls and had to cancel my credit card. To be honest, the little legal window noting you will be charged the $87.47 every 30 days didn't appear on my screen when I placed the order! I immediately noticed it after the order was placed and tried to cancel the order that moment but they said it was too early and not in their system. This company was the same one that has affected the other consumers who posted comments - out of Hollywood, Florida and doing business transactions out of Panama! Please note they are going to keep charging your account these small little "international" charges such as $2.62, $1.49, .12 cents thinking you won't notice which will add up big time for them since they are doing it to all of us! When I called to dispute these unauthorized charges with them it was like talking to a wall because they say the only two charges should be $87.47 and $3.87. The $87.47 hit my account in only 8 days time. I did finally get them to reimburse me the $87.47 and oh, guess what?! They did it in just 3 days! Please don't give up. I pushed it so far that they finally transferred me to a supervisor. I think this helped me get my credit back quickly. They will tell you that "you are talking to the right person" when you ask for a supervisor, but you really have to push it to the limit and not give up. My next step is I am going to the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint with them officially against this company.

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