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AAMCO has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 985 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 2th position out of 1094 companies.


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Car is worse after servicing my car

My car is still at manco. They telling me I need a radiator. They been telling me I need different things. Different parts for my car and my car was fine. When I bring it to him. I broke my car to aamco dress for a transmission. Since they've been putting my transmission in for almost 2 months. All of a sudden these things are happening. They don't call me and tell me nothing. I have to call them each and every day. And the only thing the only thing they tell me was waiting on the part we waiting on a mechanic to come in. This is every day. Please help sl


Poor work man ship

Updated by user Jul 25, 2023
No results

Updated by user Jul 25, 2023
Nothing been done an no one cares with the coprate

Updated by user Jul 25, 2023
No resolution at all

Original review Jul 25, 2023
Not promising on there warranty.an also they had a stolen rifle in the SUV of mine stole the catlitic converter off the SUV an also now refuse service


Oil spilled on top of car and shop owner refused to fix the damage.

THE WORST AUTO SHOP - AAMCO Queen Creek Location @ 20767 E Maya Rd. This shop would not take care of oil that spilled from the car above mine on a lift. The oil was spilled on the roof, windshield, hood and front grill of my car and was left untreated from 7/5 - 7/17 without them cleaning it off. I was told it would be taken care of when I first noticed it on 7/8 and pointed it out to the shop employee Marcos but it still remained when I showed up on 7/17 to pick up my car. The manager David Banks could not be more disrespectful & unprofessional about this damage done by his shop. David was unwilling to do anything about the damage and I was forced to take my damaged car from his shop and put in a claim with my own insurance company or he was going to charge me $150 per day in fees. The car wrap was destroyed and had to be replaced, we tried a $210 car detail service first but the wrap was stained from the oil and would not come out. The worst I have been treated by a business in my life! David Banks is an unruly shop owner and will treat you with zero respect as a customer.



Updated by user Jul 25, 2023

Original review Jul 24, 2023
My catalytic converter was stolen & I needed it replaced. My car has been at AAMCO since July 7, 2023 & nothing has been done. It has been sitting on the street since July 7th. Last week when I went by the shop I asked the young black man at the front desk why my car is parked on the street everyday & night, he said "Your catalytic converter was already stolen so there's no need to park it indoors. They can't steal anything else". I couldn't believe he said that. Last week my insurance company sent a tow truck to get it to take to another place to get it repaired. AAMCO refused to give them my vehicle until $1,100 was paid for storage. It has not been stored inside. It's been on the street for 3 weeks. I called today & spoke to Jesus. He yelled at me & cursed me out & told me to come get my *** car out of there because he's sick of it. I was shocked and appalled that he spoke to me like that & cursed at me. I wanted to know how could he charge for storage since my car has been parked in the same spot on the street for 3 weeks. He also told me the catalytic converter would cost $4,000 alone not including parts & labor. I told him I have been by their shop late at night & on the weekends & have seen my car parked on the street so he lied when he told me they put my car indoors when they close. That's when he started yelling & cursing. I live in PA & have been stuck in the Bronx because they never repaired my vehicle. I also found out they don't have a diagnostic machine so they really can't be certain of what's wrong with any cars. They have ripped my insurance company off for $1,100 for storage when in fact my car it still sitting on the street. They need to refund that money to my insurance company. I ADVICE PEOPLE NOT TO TAKE YOUR CARS TO THIS AMMCO BECAUSE YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF. (1027 E. Gun Hill Rd., Bronx, NY.


Customer complaints

Ft Pierce Florida Aamco is the worst business I've ever had to deal with. Rick the manager is horrible and has no regard for customer service. Jason the owner would not even return my phone calls to listen to my problems. My vehicle was brought in for a transmission issue. I was told to replace motor mounts and exhaust system. Nothing with the transmission. I replaced motor mounts yet the problem continued. I brought it back to have the exhaust replaced as it was the other issue I was told was wrong. Before replacing the exhaust I asked why thec2 issues would cause the Transmission to overheat and jump in and it of gear. Rick explained the exhaust is near the transmission so that might be the cause, he would diagnostic test again before replacing do to my concern. This time he tells me the first diagnostic test must have not picked up the transmission issue because it's bad and needs replacing. I fealt like I was lied to about the first 2 issues yet figured maybe the motor mounts needed replacing anyway and it cost $845.00est that I paid out of pocket. The transmission was covered under my extended warranty and I was told the vehicle would need to stay till the new transmission came in and was installed. I waited the month of May and Finally was told the vehicle was repaired and I could pick it up. I arrived the same day at 2pm and they were closed for a 4day weekend. Upset I was to say the least. I picked the vehicle up the following week and it did not run good at all. I was told to drive 500miles and bring it back. The Computer must relearn. 500 Miles later and it still runs horrible, I bring it back and they tell me run 500 more miles and if it doesn't fix itself bring it back and they will reset computer. I brought it back after another 500 miles and I'm told the valve body needs to be replaced. I'm told to drop it off the next day. The next day at 6pm I leave the vehichle. The next morning I call and try make sure they can fix it so I dont have to go without a vehicle for very long. I'm told they are gonna keep the vehicle as long as they need and I can't have it back until they are ready to give it to me. Rick also was very nasty and hung the phone up on me. I called customer complaints during all of this mess and received absolutely no help at all. Aamco is a horrible company and does not handle customer complaints or franchises at all. I'm mortified by the treatment From everyone involved. I even spoke to Michael Pekula a corporate vice president that assured me he'd look into and never heard back from him. My vehicle still remains with Aamco and I and completely disappointed, unsatisfied and Disgruntled.


*** poor service, no communication at all, then your company says that I have a warranty but still charge for labor at allabout the treatment, the service, and the charge for a covered transmission

Updated by user Jul 21, 2023
Extremely unsatisfactory

Original review Jul 21, 2023
For the second transmission was installed, this is the third transmission that I have purchased from trans star the people whom you purchase your transmissions from. Now your people want to charge me for ten and a half hours of labor. In which Im gonna pay it because I want and need my car, but trust and know it will follow with a lawsuit against your company. You had my car for a total of 6-8 weeks and youve offered me a rental car for my inconvenience. Your company ordered my transmission for St. Louis and my transmission was sent to California with no apologies. To me thats horrible service from incompetent people that you have an upper level management running your facility. Totally unacceptable and you want people to *** and conduct business with your company with this type of service? See you on the other side in court, trust me. My contact number is 770-598-****


Thoroughly Disgusted

Attaached is my correspondence with aamco of Cedar Park Texas via the BBB. Complaint Details So I brought my F150 in here with an oil leak. I was told it was my rear main seal and ended up spending $1,900 on a rear main seal replacement(which after shopping around discovered I paid more than what I should have per competion). Upon getting it back the leak was still present. I brought it back in with the understanding it would be covered under warranty. I was then told it was the oil pan gasket and while initially they were going to charge me, they ultimately agreed to replace it at no cost. Upon picking my truck up after having it there for two weaks due to one excuse after another(including people out with covid)I proceeded to open my hood the next morning and realized that they had left a funnel in my enginge block causing oil to splatter as the oil cap was obviously not put back. On top of that my battery cable was not tightened causing my battery light indicator to come on. Upon calling the shop they sent a tow truck to pick it up and after a number of hours told me everything checked out okay at which time I went and picked up my truck. Only to discover the next morning that I still have an oil leak, so after spending $1,900 the issue was never fixed. Needless to say if I could give a negative rating I absolutely would. Desired Outcome/Settlement Desired Settlement: Refund None Provided From the Business on Friday, July 7, 2023 2/28/2023 Matt Hoenig came into AAMCO Transmissions. he said he had an oil leak. The vehicle was raised in the air on a lift. It was then spray cleaned with brake wash. The engine was blown dry. The engine was started so we could identify where the leak was coming from. The rear main seal had a steady drip. So we had to remove the transmission to replace the rear main seal 6/21/2023 Matt Hoenig returned to AAMCO Transmissions stating he had an oil leak, The same procedure was done to clean the engine so we could identify where the leak was coming from, After running for a while we noticed the oil pan gasket was leaking. Since we didn't replace the oil pan gasket it wasn't under warranty. When Matt Hoenig was notified and given an estimate he got angry and made several threats. So we did it at no charge. Matt Hoenig's vehicle is a 2012 Ford F150 with a 5 liter engine. It had 173,730 miles on it. Texas heat is rough seals and gaskets over time they will all need to be replaced. The rear main seal and oil pan gasket have a 90 day warranty. From the Consumer on Saturday, July 8, 2023 Complaint: 2025**** I am rejecting this response because: Regards, Matthew Hoenig Matthew Hoenig The mere fact that you deflect responsiblility that you failed to fix my oil leak and left my vehichle in a potential dangerous state by not tightening the battery cable and leaving an oil funnel in my engiine speaks volumes. Your comment regaring me getting angry and issuing several threats is also laughable as I simply stated that I was told by John(who I realize is no longer there) that I have a twelve month warranty and to bring it in at anytime. Now you are stating that I only have a 90 day warranty even though my work order clearly states twelve months. As far as "several threats" that is absolutely false and you know it. I simply said I would blast you in social media. At this stage I am not going back and forth with your repair shop. Please consider this my formal demand for a refund of the original work order in the amountof $1,804.10 resulting from defective mechanic work. Should I not receive an acceptable resolution within ten business from the date of this notice(07/08/2023), I'll promptly file this case in small claims court. And assuming I win and obtain a money judgment, which will be part of the public record available to credit agencies, I will exhaust all legal rights and remedies in order to collect. Matt Hoenig From the Business on Friday, July 14, 2023 God Bless and have a good day.


Raised prices 4 times before they even cracked open the transmission drove the250 miles took it back for recheck

Original review Aug 06, 2023
Raised prices 4 times before they even cracked open the transmission they had truck from 5/11/2023 to 5/17/2023 the price went from $3155.51 then they said there would be additional for diagnosis i asked what don't you know what is an average price would be for a 4L80E transmission he said between $3800.00 to $4100.00 then they called back and said i would need a transmission brace which raise the price to $4166.85 and said there was a $1800 discount could not find on bill paid the bill in cash I drove the truck 250 miles took it back for recheck 6/16/2023 they said every thing seemed fine took it home and parked the truck .on 6/16/2023.on6/24/ i popped the hood to check the fluids and noticed that the radiator overflow was full of transmission fluid called aamco 6/26/2023 they sent a towtruck they said trans cooler failed not covered i asked if it was flushed Austin said it was. And they would put an exterior cooler with another $1422.00 it's been 12 day since it was towed there now they are saying security light is on and the battery is dead the only reason i took it there was they fixed it back in 2010 and i thought they trustworthy again. i believed when they said i needed a rebuild. They have wasted my time and money and truck is still there, i should have a total refund due to people don't know what they are doing PS now trans fluid is in engines where coolant should be, if they don't know what to do they should not be paid. They have caused me a lot of problems with my work. i am 65 and on limited ifunds and this really hurt and its not over yet.picked up truck on 7/10/23 they cut and bent transmission lines and the ends of lines had sharp and uneven ends and put on hose clamps on 8/1/23 went out started the truck and transmission fluid was shooting out from under the truck i called aamco again sent a tow truck again they cut the lines and reattached with hose clamps since i have been driving it seems like im draging something and making a gear whine noise. last time i talked to someone or asked a question i was answered in a hostile tone.now the truck has a really low idle and a noticeable vibration and thats after$5589.51 for a truck that isnt worth that much. i asked that if fittings are on the transmission that they be replaced with same not to use hose clamps since 5/17/23 the truck only has 250 miles on it this has been a really bad experience.


Damage to vehicle when repairs were being done

I just spent 4000 dollars on transmission rebuild. While my vehicle was in the shop, my brand new starter was fried, I had to replace with another starter and now my truck is leaking transmission fluid from the transmission line in which was not leaking and now they want me to spend another $800 dollars for repairs . I know that they damaged my transmission lines it was not leaking when I put the truck in the shop and they damaged my starter. I want my truck fixed and I dont think I should pay for it. They did not see it leaking when they did the rebuild.



Original review Jun 27, 2023
Needed my Transmission control module replaced as I had 3 lights come on in my car and my car couldnt go above 49 mph and my rpis shot up to 3. They replaced it and charged me $2000. 2-1/3 to 3 months later I have the same exact lights come on. Take it back, they said my TCM needs replaced again. They had my car for almost 2 weeks. A month later my lights come on again. This time, I was almost 4 hours away from home. The guy at AAMCO said just drive it home and be safe and he will take a look at it. It was 100% not safe to drive that far away n the interstate. I took it to a Chevy dealership and they said my TCM needed replaced. I said, theres no way. They said, whys that? I said, because I just got it replaced twice within the last 4 months. They asked did they replace it with a new TCM or used? I said, used but the guy at AAMCO said it was vin certified for my specific car. The dealership said, absolutely not. Thats your problem right there. Thats not how it works and he cant do that. And when hes done replacing it he is supposed to take it to a Chevy dealership to get it approved. So, again, I had to spend another $2000 and miss a whole week of work. Corporate called me back today and said since they are individually owned they would have to contact the AAMCO shop I went to and then have them call me. I never got a call from them. - Stuart location on Federal Highway


Stolen cats

They lost the key don't know what company towed the vehicle.an who brought it in.an also never fixed the car stole money from my son an my car


Shady business

I need someone from the corporate office to contact me ASAP. Rusty from aamco 10 Wittmer road Lancaster Pennsylvania Refuses to give me an invoice on the service diagnostics. He charged me on April 18th 2023. I need the invoice to get reimbursed from a warranty company that I went through. The warranty company said that they would cover the service diagnostics and he should not have charged me. I can send text messages of him refusing to give me An invoice


Poor Customer service

, 5/30I am a woman, I walked into this store and the guy behind the desk thought he saw a sucker...I drive for a living and I was in distress because my vehicle had just turned over 200,000 miles and then D (Drive) Light started flashing. I took it in to have them run codes and let me know what was needed. After calling for 5 straight days to find out the status...I finally got an answer on the Friday before Memorial day that they were going to rebuild my transmission for $5,000.00!!! Whoa! I had previously mentioned if it was that expensive, could we look for a used transmission? At that moment Will started escalating his voice on the phone telling me that's the cost. I again said I could not afford that. We ended the call with him agreeing to look for a used transmission. He found one in NE for $1499.00. It would be shipped and expected to arrive on Tuesday, May 30th. The transmission was installed the next day and I picked up my vehicle on May 31st. Since that day, I have had to return my vehicle back to Aamco for the EXACT SAME ISSUE that brought me in 2 weeks earlier. They have YET to fix the problem and want to charge me more money.


*** service

These idiots rebuilt or was supposed to rebuild of the transmission in my brothers truck *** we havent even put 2700 miles on the damn thing and its taking a crap now they dont wanna they Trent said that theyre not going to extend the warranty or anything like that since its been not quite full-time not going to extend the warranty or nothing just said oh well possibly due to a leaky transmission cooler lines and then they trying to said they were going to go ahead they werent gonna charge us labor just gonna go ahead and put those in but they want to charge $175 for some damn transmission cooler lines which that theyre nowhere near that so yeah theyre theyre charging all right these people are crooks theyre fraud you dont take your transmission to somewhere else that gives a *** about your vehicle thank you


Warranty service issues

Had a supposedly full transmission rebuild on a 96 dodge ram 3500 and after about a week or two from rebuild transmission starts making the same noise as before and it has a little bit of grey on the dipstick so I bring it in for warranty they tell me it's my engine yet I just bought that engine from the factory brand new. Then they said it's cause I have a check engine light on for my egr valve but it has had that since I bought it cause that destroyed the last motor so I took it off. So after about maybe 1000 miles I decided to change the fluid and filter just to check. When I dropped the pan I found a e clip fastener at the bottom of the pan and a lot of metal and clutch material. And on my trans every time you changed the fluid you have to adjust the front and rear bands and wow I don't know how it was even moving with them adjusted that off. I've contacted customer service around 4 days ago and they said they started a investigation I just really hope they do the right thing and I don't have to bring this to court. But I would not recommend this shop I could have done the same job myself or maybe even better


Car not getting fixed

Updated by user Jun 23, 2023
No results at all getting very angry

Updated by user Jun 23, 2023
No results yet

Original review May 22, 2023
They have been not able to fix vehicles because of corporate conflict . please be careful.an ask ? .

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