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2.4/5 - based on 27 reviews

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A1 Air has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 27 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 21th position out of 200 companies.


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601 East Corporate Drive, Lewisville, Texas, 75057, United States

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David Leasure is a God send!

David Leasure fixed my AC in the late hours on a Friday night! He is professional, personable and efficient! I am so very thankful for him and the spectacular service that he provided! David is a jewel. . . Treasure him!



On 2017, I had a unit installed. It was under Warranty for 14 years. In 2019. It started blowing warm air on August. O called them. A tech came out, saying I needed to replace the inside and outside. I told him I has just purchased it a year ago and still under warranty. Another tech came out, took the fuse out and said, you need another unit costing $10k.


Unhappy service

Had them under a service contract. Heat pump was not working. Their service tech came out and diagnosed the unit. Said I needed a new evop coil and control board $2175.00 Got another company to come out an charge the system for $365.00 Everything is working now!!! Do not recomemnd these guys. They give the HVAC guys a bad name



I should have known better. My gut told me I was being overcharged. $290 to replace a capacitor. After the worker from A1 left I just got pissed. They whole time he was there. All of 20 mins. He insisted that my entire system be replaced. He quoted, if I had credit, 3k to 4k. Without credit, he said 10 thousand dollars! What the *** He left me with a $20 capacitor and egg on my face.


Get second opinion

Daniel from A1 came out to investigate why my Carrier furnace would not light. He looked at it and immediately assessed that the gas valve was shoddy and the whole line was not to Code. He went to his truck and came back with an estimate of $940 to bring my gas line to code and it would require their Plumbing Dept to come out and complete a free safety inspection, but it would be the following week before they could come out. Frustrated, I sent A1 away and called AHS my home warranty provider. They sent Grace Heating &;;; Air who came out immediately and determined the control panel was defective and was routing 9.4V to the gas valve when it should receive none or very little voltage. Damon from Grace assessed the problem and had it repaired in 20 mins under warranty. Damon said there is nothing wrong with my gas valve or the line itself. Bottom line is that I paid $59 to A1 for nothing and $75 to AHS and got my problem fixed. People get a second opinion if you call A1 Heating & Air first or you will pay more and may still not get your problem fixed.


Try to avoid this company

My dad was in hospice care at his home in September, his A/C failed on a 100 degree day. I called A1 Air and was told if the unit was under warranty with someone else they would not service it. I asked to speak to James and Sherry Greene and was told they were not available to speak to me. I wanted to leave a message for them to return my call and was told by the Operations Manager I could not do that. I can see they only into selling new equipment and do not care about situations like this. I ended up looking at the unit myself and found a bad circuit breaker.


Untrustworthy of all the AC companies

Need to stay away from this company find anyone else A #1 Air is not all they appear to be, their sale personal are one place above a use car salesman, we needed a new AC system and willing to pay for a good system, we added a new hot water system too, and that's were it looked good on paper. That was the start of our nightmare. All I can say is we wished we had never used them for any products or services, what a waste of money.



This company tried to charge me 300.00 dollars for a capacitor and 850.00 for a fan motor as if I don't better. Won't be able to do business with them again as a repeat customer. Also will not refer any future customers.


Installed an undersized unit

I had a unit that was too small installed four years ago - my electric bills went UP after the new system was put in - I stopped having A#1 air service it after they told me it would be up to a week to get an appointment (literally the first other air conditioner company I called after a google search came out the next day) - they informed me that my unit was too small ... I started working on a small claims suit against them then, but unfortunately had some severe health problems that put that on hold ... I contacted A#1 when I had the unit completely replaced this year and asked for a depreciated refund - eventually I got a manager to call me back who said he would look into my file when he got back to the office - of course 2 weeks later they haven’t called back ... so it’s off to small claims court we go for the depreciated value of ... you can see in this picture how they taped up the inside duct work to install a furnace that is much too small ... My new air conditioner (from a different company) is wonderful and my electric bill has dropped $50 despite this being one of the hottest summers on record ...


Extremely Horrible Appointment Scheduling

Had a new ac system installed recently. Inspector came out to inspect the newly installed system and told us that A#1 Air needed to come out and replace the 45 amp breaker for the A/C with 50 amp breaker. Called A#1 Air to schedule the appointment between 8 and 12 a.m. the following Monday with a follow on inspection by the city of Grand Prairie inspector on Tuesday. Monday comes around, received a call from A#1 Air that someone will be coming in the afternoon. I was like okay, fine. Monday afternoon passes by, received another call from a#1 air saying that I am still on their schedule, in my head, I was like "Really" and was told that I was free to not wait around basically. Again, in my mind, I was like "WTF", I said to myself, this an APPOINTMENT that was made last Friday, why is a#1 air wasting my time for the second time by not keeping their appointment. Late Monday afternoon passes by with no technician, no courtesy phone call, NOTHING!!! I waited for a#1 air all day and all night to no avail. That is so not right from a customer's perspective. Tuesday morning rolls around and the inspector shows up at my door for the reinspection, I told him a#1 air never showed up, he said "that's not right". He told me he'll give them a call and he'll let me know what he finds out. I said sure. I didn't care if the inspector updated me or not with a phone call, it is not his job. It is a#1 air' job. Anyway, Tuesday passes by and yet no phone call on why they never showed up. Wednesday morning comes around and still no call from you know who, so I called to find our what was going on. The person on the phone said that there must have been a miscommunication. I told him no, the inspector showed up yesterday (Tuesday) to come reinspect the installation. The inspector made his appointment, whereas a#1 air did not honor their appointment time. The a#1 guy I spoke to said that someone had called to reschedule for this Thursday, which is tomorrow. I told him that no one notified me of the rescheduled date and time. Imagine if I did not call a#1 air to find out why they didn't show up on Monday, I wouldn't have known that someone will be here tomorrow. It is not like my circuit breaker panel is accessible from the outside, it is located in my garage and I need to be at home so that the techs can get in to do what they need to do. That is why it is called an APPOINMENT. That goes to show how much A#1 Air cares about their customers. Everthing was on point when they tried to get you to buy something, i.e. the sales appointment and the installation was on time, but when you need them afterwards, it is a pain in you know what. I am very displeased with A#1 Air. I know that A#1 Air don't care about what I am complaining aboutbecause they already sold me their A/C unit. I know it is not the technician's or the installation crew's fault that their appoinment scheduler cannot get it together. I just wanted to share this with someone, so that they will know how terrible a#1 air is with their scheduling and appointments. I hope that the owners, managers, and supervisors at a#1 air gets to read this complaint and fix their scheduling problem and treat their customers right. Also, I just wanted to share my complaint with fellow consumers about this company. Thank you, if you have read this.


Not keeping their appointment promise.

Very disappointing, I had an appointment to get work done on my AC, I called them and they confirmed that my appointment was set, I had to take the day off from work so I can be home so they can work. Today, the day of the appointment, they called me and told me that they couldn't come to work on my AC because the Tech was booked for the day. They should have let me know before taking a day off from work for nothing. VERY DISAPPOINTING. Now I have to reschedule for another day to get the work done. After this work is done, since I already paid for it, I'm not doing business with A#1 Air, Inc. any more.


Sam Andrei, service man

We turned on ac unit on 5/2/18, it did not turn on. We had just had our spring check up,94/5/18 the other service man sold us a hard start item for our unit, But when we turned the ac unit on no ac. we called a1 air around 4 pm, someone finally showed up at or around 7- 7:30. He found out the unit was stopped up and had to drain it and re tilt the unit so it would drain. The service man from A1 Air Was Sam Andrei he explained everthing that was going on and after he blew out the lines and got them unclogged we had ac. What a blessing that we had a sevice tech that explained all the proceedures he had done, did not rush to "get through to get home" ! very satisfied customers Nancy & Bob Janssen


Great experience

After an april cold snap i realized that one of my heating units was blowing cold air. I called on sunday evening and a person actually answered the phone and set me up for the next day. Koyt came out and was extremely professional and even offered me observe for no extra charge! He diagnosed the problem being with my thermostat which I opted to replace myself. The total cost was a$59 service charge- it was a first for me as a home owner not to have some hvac guy try to sell me$10k new unit! If I ever have the misfortune to need an HVAC repair in the future, this is who I will be calling


Disgusted with excess suggestive selling

Love the services but disgusted with the constant suggestive selling of unneeded items. Finally cancelled our contract because of it. Would go back if I wasn’t constantly assaulted with unneeded suggestive selling.


A1 Air - Aztil Air Conditioning Customer Care Review

Waiting for manager to call. Have called every day for over 1 week with no response. Poor service. Would not redommend.


A1 air not responsible for their repair and services

My Air conditioning did not have a cool air, and I called A1 Air to look at it. They came in and checked everything. Then they came up with the fixed solutions which included: LEAK SEARCH, replace DUAL CAPACITOR and SINGLE CAPACITOR, DRAIN SWITCH, and filled 2LBS Of R22. They charged me $1000.00(one thousand dollar) by finance through the bank. It worked only for 7 days, and the system failed to produce the cool air again. Now they are saying that I have change the whole system which cost me another $3500. I have called them several times and asked if I can get some of my money back and used it in additon to $3500. They told me that they will have talk to their manager and will let me know. But so far nobody called me. So I wasted $1000.

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