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4 Wheel Parts has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 120 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 45th position out of 513 companies.


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Resolved: Unexpected expense

Updated by user Jul 18, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with settlement agreement. Neither of us could prove whether the parts failed due to defect or improper installation so they warrantied a strut and wrote off some of the labor. They installed a spacer kit which should have been offered during my first visit which would have saved me time and money but at least the truck is closer to what I had asked for.

Updated by user Jul 18, 2023
Although 4WP didn't respond to this site, they did respond quickly to my Yelp review. Robt.

their asst. mgr. called and we had a polite but frank discussion.

I ended up spending more money but he got me closer to what I had originally wanted for my truck. My main point...

Original review Jul 12, 2023
a year ago and 3k miles ago I had 4wp install a 3" lift on my '15 silverado wt. A few months ago I began to hear a clunking sound and paid $150 for an inspection. They told me the top hats were shot and needed replacement for an additional $350. I have issues with that for a couple reasons: first it was my understanding the 5100 kit came with new upper bushings and for some reason they weren't used as I was told the bad mounts were the oem units. IMO (which doesn't seem to mean much) these mounts should have been replaced last year when the work was done. Next and I have no way of proving it, the possibility exists that the bushings/washers may not have been installed properly along with other things such as proper seating of the springs, and that could have led to the premature failure of these parts. Anyway, it sure doesn't seem fair that after only a few thousand miles I should be responsible for the repair/replacement of something that should have been done right the first time. There are quite a few more things I plan on doing to my ex-work truck that will involve thousands more in parts/labor. I wonder if your company is the place to go for that work or if I should look elsewhere for that??


Resolved: Complaint of work not done

Updated by user Jul 12, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement. they fixed the issues and only charged for part, no labor!.

Original review Jun 14, 2023
I had work done on my truck back in March of 2023 and was waiting for the track bar to come in because it was back ordered. I had over $10,000 worth of work done at the time and was waiting for them to call me when it came in so I could bring the truck back to have the new track bar put in and the alignment. No one called after about 45 days I called and they said the manager and people that were there before were no longer there and there were no notes on the account of this. I brought the truck in so they could see that the old track bar was still there and they said they did not have a record of the alignment being done, but i paid for these things and just wanted them done. They bought the truck back in the shop and tighten all the body mounts cause they were loose and gave me a list of some other things that needed to be done but told me the track bar was new. I took their word for it but ask them for the alignment printout and they said they would call me back. They never called so I called them and they told me the track bar was new and they couldn't find the print out for the front and alignment. I took the truck to auto parts store that looked and told me that was an old rusted track bar. I called your store several times in Bradenton and they still do not call me back that is why I need to file this complaint I just want the work done. I don't understand how they could lie about the track bar and also not give me the print out for the alignment, i paid for all this to be done and it never was. Have someone called me I do not want to have to file complaint yet with Better Business Bureau or others, as I see many many have done. I want the new track bar & allignment done as well as other things they found and noted. SO# SO143**** ACCOUNT 0950****


Cancel Order

I have been trying to reach some one to cancel an order but cant get anyone. This is poor business practice on the web order end. You guys really need to do something about this any how. I have been dealing with you guys for years. Im trying to cancel an order that hasnt been fulfilled and I have already bought else where due to my time constraints. I need this ordered canceled. Order Number: 4w213123**** Thanks in advanced.


Not one person has called me to discuss the issues I've had with your store

Your service people never answer the phone. You have lost three sales because of it. I have gone to your competitors which of this point is what I'm going to continue to do you used to have a great company. It sucks now.


To complain about your San Antonio store

Just one more strike against you. I waited on hold for customer service to talk to them for 30 minutes. Your company has really gone downhill. Very disappointed you used to be a very good company.


Horrible Service

I placed an order for 2 Rhino-Rack bars and a set of quick mounts on 2/24. I received the mounts, and the box appeared to have the manufactured seal on it. But I only received one of the bars, I ordered and paid for 2. The one Rhino-Rack bar I did receive, the box appeared to be re-sealed and surprise!?!?, the bar was missing the end caps. Now, thats all fine, I understand things happen but getting hold of someone to help is a nightmare. The first call to customer service took 45 min wait listening to this horrible elevator music. Then the guy was absolutely clueless, after talking to him explaining that I wanted to return the bar and file for a refund, he did absolutely nothing, no follow-up email or anything after the call. The second day, after over 2 hours wait listening to the same crap music (you can only wait 1 hour, then the wait shuts off and you have to start back in line) still no way to get to anyone. I may call the cc company to see if they can void or cancel the payment.


I bought arb upper control arms in November driven 2500 miles and busing went out. My truck has been sitting in there shop for 5 days and still no part. And they are supposed to be the biggest in the

Bought arb uppercontrol arm in feb drove 2500 miles and bushing went out. Truck has been sitting in there shop for 5 days . They cant get a simple busing. I am in Georgia I live in Sarasota. I cant go home until they fix it. I dont no what to do . Last time I do business with them. They say they our the best. Its a joke the way they do things.


It just be nice to get somebody on the phone and resolve my problems

I cant get anybody on the phone. The manager wont return my call the salesman wont return my call. I have defective products on my vehicle that were installed 09/2022 still no resolve.


No satisfaction very rude wrong parts blamed us for his mistakes

Ordered running boards for my Chevy told the sales person to go out and make sure that all his information he needed was right he refused to do so and ordered the wrong parts took the truck in and dropped it off was told that it would take 2 hours so went to breakfast and a few other stores killing the time drove by 3 1/2 hours later and the truck was still sitting outside gave it 5 1/2 hrs and returned to find out that they ordered the wrong part and was blaming me it was there fault not mine so I got out to my truck and they had already taken the old ones off and trashed them by the way drove 82 miles for this kind of service never again all they were worried about is sitting behind their little counter oooh also I had to find somebody to help me when I purchased them they all need to be fired at this place in Colorado Springs Colorado will never happen again


Return Request INV# 4W183429****

12/28 Update After having been provided a Customer Service Ticket No by 4WheelParts, weeks ago, I still have not received a single piece of correspondence related to my required return. I'm currently 1 hr and 17 minutes into another hold with their customer service department. I even tried calling their sales department to confirm they have employees (they do) and was told to make sure I don't lose the direct extension for customer service because "they're terrible and may drop the call". My order was for around a $100, which for many folks makes a difference in terms of finances. What a joke... Complete disregard for their customers. 4WP, I've spent several hours on hold over the past 2 weeks, and now sent several emails (see below) regarding a required return of the order referenced below. Additionally, I made the drive to your closest store and was rerouted back to your website. Can you please provide the relevant address and shipping information so that I can complete the return? This item didn't ship for nearly 2 months, during which time there were no updates, requiring that I find the part elsewhere. I don't believe I've ever spent so much time and effort trying to process a simple return. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Dave 4WP, I have attempted multiple times over the past two weeks to speak with one of your customer service reps on the phone to coordinate the return of a part I ordered via your site. The typical queue of callers has exceeded 50 people consistently, so I went so far as to visit your Sacramento store to attempt to complete the return in person. I was informed that because the product shipped direct from the manufacturer (Dana-Spicer), it was considered special-order and not able to be returned in person. My order (INV# 4W183429****, Part # D/S500****, Center Carrier Bearing, 2006 Tacoma) was placed on August 3rd. I received only a notice that it was processing, with no updates for well over a month. At that item I attempted to cancel the order (truck was already repaired with same part from another vendor) but that option was not available on your site. The part finally shipped on Oct 25th, nearly 2 months after the order was placed. I have completed a Return Goods Authorization form which I downloaded on your site but there is no clear direction on where to send the return or whether an applicable return authorization number is required. Can you please provide a shipping label to facilitate return ASAP.


Resolve my purchase

Gm. I've paid for items that I didn't receive and over priced do to paying cash also nothing but the run around to get down to the bottom of it all... Can some give a call that's higher up in management thank you.!.!?.! (443484**** Eli.) P.S.Will forward my purchase info once we speak on this matter.



4 wheel parts had the store manager call me. That is who I had the complaint about. I have tried to get someone above him to call me. And of course I have had no luck.


Unsatisfactory work

Had 1 ton axles and evo pro long arm kit with king coil overs installed along with psc steering, rims with 40 tires. Installation started 6/14/22. It has been one problem after another. Way too many to list here. However, I have documentation, text messages and pics of the installation with a broken jeep to show for it. I feel they did more damage than good to my jeep. Sales rep agrees with faulty installation, as pics would show. I do not want this shop working on my jeep any longer. I've tried to reach someone from corporate with zero luck. If I don't hear from someone other than the Thousand Oaks store to hear me out, I will get your attention by legal standards. Hope to hear from you soon


Lack of communication

4wp called and took care of the issues, i had, they were apologetic and really concerned with my issues. Everything worked out just fine


I asked a simple question about a $3000 i installed, if labor was covered with a warrenty and i was hung up on.

I had best top soft top installed on my 2020 jeep and i cant open it. I asked if labor was covered and did not get a answer if 4wp warranty labor. They would not answer and they hung up. Add this to issue i have with the 4wp location that did the work and i highly dont recommend this place.


Horrible service , truck not fixed correctly,

Original review Aug 22, 2022
I was the first appt in n last one out. Mechanics intentionally waited til they closed to give me my vehicle (knowing it was not properly fixed). Unlike when it was brought in , now makes loud knocking /thumping noises while driving. Mechanics behavior seemed very prejudice to their only black customer. However very thorough n friendly with their white men customers. Now I suppose Ill have to wait another 3 weeks for 4 wheel parts to fix my vehicle correctly.. Absolutely horrible horrible service Monsterrtruckgirl@***.com

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